Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Julia's Rose

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Christmas is over for another year and for me the past week has just flown. For many people the excitement still isn't over, with lots heading away on their annual holidays to far flung, exotic locations, and/or enjoying preparations for the New Year parties.
 l'm not one of them, but instead l've had a lovely time here at home catching up with our daughter who has been visiting from interstate. Sadly she had to return home yesterday.
l prefer to head somewhere warm in the middle of Winter if l can possibly swing it.

The rose blooms featured are called Julia's Rose and are mainly a beautiful coffee colour (sometimes called paper bag rose ) but can also contain shades of pink, apricot and cream. It was named after Lady Julia Clements who was an English flower arranger and author, penning some 20 books over her lifetime before she died in November this year aged 104.

When l started setting up for this shoot l had something completely different in mind. l intended for it to be all pale, delicate and colourless but somehow it evolved into something quite different. The flowers were the start of the trouble because the only vase that really suited the blooms was this blue depression glass one, so the whole pale and delicate idea was shot from the get go.

The main doll you see is a Kader doll which came in a number of sizes, this is a small version and she was made in the late 50's. There were also black versions and they were made in Hong Kong.

The two tassle dolls were made by myself in the 90's when every spare wall and corner of the house was filled with decorative items (my favourite era), but now that everything is more minimalist they languish in the back of the dresser drawer, it was great to pull them out and give them some attention. They were made from Das clay, air dryed and the features painted in watercolours. They were then varnished and dressed in various bits of vintage lace velvet and net.

This and the following photos were sourced when l still intended to do a cream shoot and though this didn't happen, l wanted to share these gorgeous pics that were posted by Sepiadreams at who posts lots of photos of vintage items that are predominantly shades of creams and beige especially if you check out her older posts.

Love it all!!!

Be Safe and happy, and enjoy every last moment of this year, and may there be many more to follow.

Til next time 

Sincerely Bron.

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