Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Minute Rush!!

Hi all, well..... now that we're into the last week l think you'll agree each shopping trip now requires the strategic planning and precision timing of a lunar landing.... even if youre totally organised and all your pressies are wrapped, sitting under the tree (NOT me) there's still the grocery shopping to endure and lets face it once youve committed to putting the coin in the slot of that trolley and pushed it through the entry gate... youre STUCK with it, even if three of it's four wheels are heading in the opposite direction to you....add to that 5 thousand other people with the same problem all rushing to get out and get home, its a bloody nightmare, and since youre so distracted trying to push through the aisles,it doesn't matter how many lists you have...inevitably when you get home, you've forgotten something....ANYWAY 'nuff said about that...hahaha!!

After finishing the ruffled throw last week l still had a little fabric leftover which l used to cover this coathanger. The fabric was torn into strips 1cm wide and about 20cms long, each strip was tied onto a wire coathanger and then tied into a bow until the entire hanger was covered. They're (nano) quick and easy to do and the raw edges give a nice relaxed look.

Here l simply popped some Chrismassy geraniums into some matching pattypans. I was thinkin' if you used silicon ones inside the paper ones' you could add water and the flowers would prob'ly stay fresh.

This is the rest of the dress shown in pic one.... it's unusual with a pretty romantic look and patterned in surfy/beachy print. 

The background photo is of some distant relatives. My Aunt (one of Mum's many Sisters) has traced our family tree back as far as records go, this took her more than a decade of her free time, she kindly photocopied lots of the photos, birth, death and marriage certificates for us to share.

White sequinned bag.... tiny leather gloves and vintage greeting cards make up the scene.

This is a pic l've shown before, but it fit the theme. Vintage lace dress with teeny white shoes with pom poms and beaded bag.

White painted swivel makeup mirror with lady head vase from the 50's and diamente buckles 

This is one of my pics from last Christmas, vintage budha and Mary statues.

Shabby saggy roses and candles.  via pinterest

Antlers with strands of nuetral coloured pearls.

Random pic of the week. Weird but interesting. via pinterest.
The Crooked Forest - Poland .

Thanks lots for dropping by... hope you have a wonderful week and don't get too frazzled.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Closer.

Hi ......l hope all your festive preparations are going well. There's been a small buzz of excitement around here this week as the post delivery van roars up our street. Hubby and l both ordered our pressies online, so he's been hovering around waiting for his motorbike helmet to arrive. Yesterday when the driver FINALLY pulled into our driveway he almost tackled him to the ground to wrestle the parcel from his hands.... sadly it was all wasted energy. There were the towels that l'd ordered only four days before and he's been waiting eight.......ohhh the injustice of it all. l've also bought a new/old bedhead off ebay so lets hope the helmet arrives before THAT does... haha!!

l've been sewing again this week for me it's relaxing, though with all these ruffles l should be comatose... ha!
Not sure what to call it exactly......just a throw of some sort which was whipped up from a vintage floral sheet. It pretties up the bed...

or the couch.  ...

...or maybe even the table.

Ok... so it's prob'ly not that practical on the table, but it was fun messing around setting things up.

I'm not a big Christmas decorator, usually just the tree and a table centrepiece with choccies/ lollies.
This year l've done a tray....l took the choccies out 'cos they didn't match (for the pic).

A couple of vintage buys which l found a couple of weeks ago.
What l think is a 50's dance frock. l've added a velvet sash and brooch. Isn't the colour pretty...Cost $10.00 which l thought was good price, the opshop lady said they were trying to clear out old stock to make way for the new........ in the New Year.

This Barbie was lying face down on the floor in one of the church opshops....normally l'd walk right by but the old fabric of her dress caught my eye....when l picked her up and  turned her over l was amazed to see that she is a 1963/4 bubblecut Barbie, (though her hair's more bowl cut than bubble..ha!) she still has her original shoes, and had the nonsense pricetag of $1.00.

l'd love to find something like this to use as a dressing via pinterest.

Pretty bedroom from countryliving. via pinterest.

Lovin this tablescape. rachelashwell. 

This is one of the Christmas window displays at bergdorfgoodman  in New York 2011.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week, thanks for stopping by.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Weeks have Wings.

Hi....l hope you've all had a wonderful and productive week....l guess most of the kids have started holidays and although busy, at least it allows for a break in the usual routine rush. It's been a better week here.....many thanks for your kind comments and visits which CHEERED me up LOTS.

As PURPLE tree..... l've decorated in shades of pink, blue, green and silver with mostly balls. For a long time l had a white tree which l loved  but was having to replace it almost yearly as the limbs would turn yellow during storage. 

Thought l'd turn this vintage Mambo skirt into a bag. All that had to be done was to join the two hem seams together. l added a piece of gathered lace inserted into the seam as l sewed but this could easily be left out.  
An old scarf was threaded throught the belt loops to use as a handle.... too easy....

Some pics of pretty things gathered from around the house


Flowers of course.....always important. My foxgloves are almost finished.

Penstemons in apothocary jars.

Vintage embroidered linens..with all the work that goes into them l don't know how anyone could throw them out. They also remind me of my grandmother who apparently was a keen embroiderer, stitching away by lamplight. 

Wouldn't this make the perfect little girls room. nadafarmlife. via pinterest.

Lovin this use of old linens. curioussofa. via pinterest.

 Shabby pretty. via pinterest.

Have an awesome's hopin' this warmer weather holds out.

Til next time.