Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebration and Some Changes.

Things are changing matter how much l might like them not too.
Mum's house is now under contract so it looks as though that chapter of our lives will be over soon....Something that makes me both glad and sad. There's still a bit to do before it's all finalised, like holding a giant garage sale, and nicking a few cuttings from the garden:-)
Recently l've also been back to visit Bree (daughter) to celebrate her Birthday a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to spend the day in the Hunter Valley wine region which is really beautiful and very popular with wedding parties. As we pulled up outside one of the wineries a bus driver asked (begged) us to swap (vehicles) with him, his mini van full of loud tipsy women must've been doing his head in:-) Anyway we had a lovely time visiting and taste testing the wines and (over) indulging ourselves at a dessert bar high up in the hills, from which were magnificent views.
It was also great to see how the reno's are progressing in their home, another bedroom had been painted and one of the loo's was almost finished, and also the garden's looking a lot less wild and weedy.

Found this fabulous brocade bedspread at the opshop and just HAD to use it for some photo's.

Bree's best friend Nikkita, Bree and l.

The chair Bree bought for $5.00 and wrapped in fabric.

The fantastic 70's quilt we found while opshopping one morning. Looks great on their couch.

Hope you're all having a wonderful and happy week, thanks so much for stopping by.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lovely Spring Has Arrived.

I've already posted a couple of these photos on Instagram, but thought you might like to see a few more from this Spring blossom session....
A couple of recent finds... 1960's lolly tin and Florentine  folding frame.

Not too many words today, but prob'ly not a bad thing... haha!!....wishing you all a lovely rest of your week and thank you so much for stopping in for a visit and also thanks to those of you who've started following me over at IG. 


Til next time,