Sunday, June 22, 2014

Change For The Good.

After years of me banging on, hubby has finally cracked and agreed to the painting of the kitchen cupboards..... from (dated) orangy/yellow (timber) to light and white-ish....then l had to endure another 10 weeks of waiting for the painter to be able to fit me in....struth!!...
FINALLY he tells me it's gonna happen and tomorrow's THE day.....(-: (-: (-: happy dance.
In honour of this momentous event..haha, l've made a few changes in my dining room as well......l was OVER the aqua backboards on this dresser. l wanted to add some texture to them and make them look kinda rustic.
l used a beige/grey paint, plus white.....when almost dry l wiped back with a damp cloth to reveal some of the previous blue, then lightly washed over the blue with white to give it a faded effect. 
l've finally put to use these little niches, great for displaying vintage cups and saucers. 
 Everything got a dust and a spruce up, l added here and subtracted there until l thought it looked ok and this is how it looks now....but minus the roses. (they're compost:-)
Mum's been loving me having my stall, cos she's been able to clear out things she hasn't known what to do with for years and thinks they're now serving a purpose??....she recently gave me this old black duck, which WAS going straight out to the Mill, but then l found the bird migration poster at the opshop, and then remembered l also had a bag of ducks and some fake eggs somewhere..... so a couple of pics needed to be taken before it went.

Isn't the poster a cracker!! 
 This is the dresser before the new paint job. You prob'ly think it looks better here.... but hey, sometimes we just want a bit of a change:-)

Hope you all enjoy a fantastic weekend, thanks so much for stopping in for a visit.

Til next time,



Sunday, June 8, 2014

Buying, Selling and Learning.

It's been a busy couple of weeks here, my stall at the mill has been going really well however l've found it a struggle to keep it fully stocked, and have had to step out of my comfort zone and go to a couple of auctions.....since l've only ever been once to an auction to buy, l was a bit stress pumped and stuffed up a few things, but still l managed to bring home a couple of boxes of sellable "junk"and what's been good is there's been no time to get "attached" to any of it, l've just priced it up and taken it to be sold:-)

Can you believe this chandy was only the glint of a lustre away from being tossed in the bin....NOO.... l'll take it says l.....what may have once been the shabbiest chandy in the chateau (and not CHIC shabby:-) is now ready to sparkle again after a sand, scrub and white spray paint.

A couple of weeks ago my Sister and l visited a pretty little shop in the small township of Bunninyong called Divine Vintage. Wendy who owns the shop was so lovely and didn't even seem to care that we wigged her ear for ages.....she also graciously gave me free rein to photograph her wonderful wares.

 Many of the lovelies in the shop have been upcycled by her creative hands, including the apothecary bottles in the pic above. The picture frame on the shelf was created using fabric that once belonged to her grandmother.

It was a happy meeting of like minds since we both share a love of  all things vintage and handmade. Her shop is stocked with beautiful crockery, glassware and sewing accessories....Wendy's collections are in bright, funky colour waves that makes her unique shop feel like everyday is Spring.  

Cute doily dressed doll surrounded by vintage cottons, fabrics and handmade bags.  
One of my favourite things was this original Victorian planter, chock full of handmade cushions.
Thanks heaps Wendy for an awesome shopping experience.


 Love this 60's beaded belt......every inch has been smothered in diamentes and must have taken someone (way more patient than me:-) ages to complete.
A girlfriend gave me this large decorative wire bowl, instead of filling it with fruit which was it's intended use l figured it would look great hanging on the wall, like an inspiration board....but without the
A few things l've found for my little shop....chalkware Madonna and child....vintage hat, brass candlesticks and Florentine coasters.

Hope the weekends' an interesting and fun filled one for you.... Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind and uplifting comments....stay safe,
Til next time.