Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arranging - rearranging.

This dressing table used to belong to my grandfather, but it's been passed (or is that offloaded :-)) to me . It had been LOTS of different colours but l stripped it back years ago. After all that work l've never been able to repaint it, though l'd love a more beachy coloured, curvy one..... but for now, l thought l'd better find a spot on it for my little florentine cabinet.


l took everything off and gave it a bit of a dust....(not fun), however it WAS fun putting it all back together and when l'd finished l took some pics to share. Found a couple of roses blooming in the garden...though l have no idea HOW, since it's sooo cold out there.


As you can see l'm kinda a MAXImalist....l have hordes of stuff sitting around....just the way l like it.

Vintage frocks for a little added colour.

In the 50's and 60's lady head vases were given away with flowers by florists, they were often made in the style of the popular women of the time, which prob'ly explains why so many of them look a bit like Jackie Kennedy or Lucille Ball. They were usually made in either Japan or America......l only have a couple, but l'm sure you could see lots more styles on ebay or specialist sites.

This old leather suitcase was bought at a garage sale for $4.00 about 15 years ago and has pretty much sat in the top of the wardrobe since then. l took it out at the weekend and stashed it under the dressing come l didn't think of that before.!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop on over for a visit. Have a great rest of your week.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Room with a View.

Today l found out the exciting news that our daughter will be moving to within 600 ks of us next year... So not only will she be a lot closer, but the road to and from here is a piece of cake.... So THEN l got to thinking about how l should do something with the spare room.

l'll prob'ly repaint the room  when the weather warms up but for now l've redone the bed and shifted some furniture in....It seemed like a photo op....hope you enjoy the pics.

Some clothes l buy will never be worn, but that doesn't mean they should be locked away in a dark wardrobe....l like to hang them as wall art and enjoy them that way.

l reused a lace edged tablecloth as a bed throw and the mirror l've used as a tray. l rarely buy new things for the house, preferring instead to create a relaxed and  (hopefully) interesting room with my vintage finds.....this also allows me to add and subtract pieces without a lot of expense.


This bench seat has become the bedside table.....which should work well....not only can you fit your lamp, phone and books there.... but also the next days clothes and maybe a food tray as well.
 None of the bedding matches.......l just wanted a simple, easy, layered feel.

Someone else's inspiring vintage romantic bedroom....found here. via pinterest.

For the rest of the world today is the Summer Solstice, (longest day of the year) but for those of us here downunder it's the shortest and in a way that's a good thing... cos now the days can only get longer and warmer...that's right isn't it??

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Seeing Stars.

Just a few pics of the flag cushions l made this week....this type of thing has been around for a while, but still l wanted to make a couple for the chairs in the family room in colours to match the paintings. 

 The tutu paintings made all the others in the family room look outdated and the colours all wrong, so down they came.....for something a little different l decided to make a wall's of a star pentagon...floral on floral, (of course) l hung with it the dreamcatcher l made a few months ago, and then this smaller one was found at the opshop so l added that too, a few flowers, butterflies and cotton strips were added for decoration. It'll hang there for a while until l change my mind again:-))

My mum has a number of vintage florentine trays which l've always loved.....l've also found a couple over the years, but when l saw this jewellery box on ebay  it wasn't to be's from the 50's and is made of painted, carved wood.

Vintage plastic earrings sit on the hankie....mum tells me they would have cost about 2 and 6 (that's 2 shillings and sixpence) back in the day....about 25 cents. Wish she'd kept a few (hundred) pairs as these ones cost $10.00 and l thought they were cheap!!

One of my florentine trays...

Lovin' this florentine side table..pinterest.

Well that's the week over and those of us who're downunder will now enjoy a long weekend....hope it's fabulous wherever  you are.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

TuTu Much.

Just wanted to say thank you so much laydees for all your much appreciated kind wishes and support ...your lovely messages have really raised our spirits as we move forward.

While the rest of the world is now enjoying Summer.... here we are downunder, hurtling headlong into grey days, slushy puddles and umbrella jabbing....bbrrrhh.... though Winter is my least favourite of seasons it does have SOME good points, like snuggling up in bed with the electric blanket on, a free hour (or 2) and a STACK of mags....and the days when the fire's going and you can layabout watching a movie cos it's just too nasty to go outside....

l've been inspired by ballet forever.... so it's no surprise that l'd drool over  Laurence Amelie's tutu paintings, (l featured one a couple of posts ago) so l pulled out the paints and splashed it around on a canvas....hope you like the results which l've shown in the pics above.

It's really hard to find pretty floral doona covers so this was a lucky vintage find a few weeks ago, especially with the matching pillowcases....l gave it a long soak in a mild bleach and hung it out in the sun to dry......lovin' it's pretty faded blue.

l've been buying roses from Aldi's....only $5.00 a bunch all year round and they may last a month if you change the water every day or two and cut the stems a little a couple of times a week. They come in gorgeous colours too.....

Found this commemorative jug a few weeks ago, and thought it rather apprope since it's the Queen's diamond jubilee year. It was produced in 1937 and features the Queen's mother and Prince Albert.....when l wiki'd the queen mother l found out that she refused prince Alberts' marriage proposal TWICE before she agreed to marry him. He told his mother that he'd marry no other and proposed to her a third time....and she FINALLY agreed.

Spring fresh dining area.reasonstobreathe. via pinterest.

Til next time.........hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you're up to.