Friday, October 25, 2013

Bohemian Daybed

l recently got rid of a lot of junk out of the spare room so l had a new space to play with:-) l'm pretty sure there's a little bit of bohemian in most of us, so hopefully you'll enjoy this post as much as l had fun putting it together for you.

The post was inspired by this beaded quilt l found at the Salvos. l blew the budget but l reckon it was soo worth the $20, when you consider the time and patience it must take to produce such a thing. The quilts are made in India, from old/worn out sari's. They're joined together and then embellished with various beads, pearls, diamentes, mirrors and metallic threads. To me the whole thing's a work of art.

After finding the quilt l came across these pellets stacked at the side of the road (free)...... lt wasn't fun getting them in my car and let's not go there with the splinters.... but hey, l was pretty keen to make my daybed.....since l had plenty of green paint that's the colour it was painted.  

.............and what's a post without a few roses:-)...some were bought and some are from the garden but l think the mix of colours looks a bit bohemian gypsyish. Although l'm not a huge fan of  yellow this tumbler was one of my favourite finds at the opshop for just 20 cents.
The Madonna and child bottle was one l painted and decorated a couple of years ago.  

The spaces in the pellets make a fantastic bookshelf.

Although l really like the look, the daybed won't be staying....eventually the pellets will be used on the fire and the quilts will head back to the cupboard.....nothing too permanent in here so l can experiment some more:-)
The ultimate bohemian Magnolia Pearl. The first pic is inside her airstream trailer and the one above is in the garden of her previous home, both pics via pinterest.
Thanks so much for stopping by......have a great weekend won't you.
Til next time

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Light and White, Blooming, Bright.

Have you noticed that the shops are full of Christmas stuff already....struth where did the year go,
Can't believe it's almost THAT time again.
A while ago l did a bit of cleaning in this cabinet and while all the shelves were cleared  l took a couple of sets of photos.
 My Sister's mature garden is beautiful at any time, but is especially lovely at the moment with the flowering lilacs bordering one side of her back yard and this shabby pink rose rambling along the back.
The white fringed boots were a bargain buy ages ago, bit of a shame they don't actually FIT though..haha!!  
Beautiful combination...... silver and gold together.  
The tapestry bag was found at the market, it has lucite handles and chain. Pink cameo lace and pink 50's glass beads.

l love the muted vintage bling of this sequinned evening bag from the 30's

Linen and lace and 60's beaded handbag, l've used it a number of times to funky up an outfit.


l thought you might like a peek at my ornamental cherry blossom, looking beyond to the arbour where Virginia creeper, Boston ivy and grape vines are coming into leaf. Another month or so and the brickwork will scarcely be seen. 

Thanks so much for popping in and visiting, l hope you have a great rest of your week and weekend coming up..... doing exactly what you wish:-)

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rachel Ashwell's Prairie Couture.

 Rachel Ashwell's  new book arrived here a couple of weeks ago, and her beautiful B&B in Texas is the inspiration for this post....(only wish l had some wallpaper) Shabby Chic has certainly evolved over the years....these days there's a lot more colour, loads more patterns and textures.... the photography too is amazing, but having said that it's all unmistakeably Rachels' unique style and vision.
 Each room in the B&B is a different colour and many of them feature vintage wallpaper. Her super squashy (mostly) floral bedding and vintage accessories make it all look so relaxed and cosy...perfect for de-stressing. 

The book's called Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie and Flea Market Treasures and if you're into casual vintage then it's definitely for YOU. 
My Sister's back yard is bordered on one side with lilacs, they are very old and have grown the size of small you'd imagine the smell is heaven. .(on a stick :-) 
Pink stocks and roses, with a small print l found... of a castle by a loch. 

Also found this little beaded purse at the opshop, brand new still in it's box.....pretty blue. 
Sea painting with old enamelled bluebirds.
 My favourite top for Spring....lovely blue and lace. 

The 1920's print is called Love's Echo by Henri G Reynard.

This pic and the ones following are all from Prairie Couture. Can you see Rachel's also signed it in silver pen. Just above her printed name.....nice!!


Anyway l hope you enjoyed the peek into Shabby Chic:-)
Hope you have an awesome week whatever you're up to .
Til next time.