Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Add a little colour...

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Yesterday the sun came out and actually became hot enough to warm my bones. This was a much welcome change from the weather we have had here recently. It's been a long, cold, unseasonally bleak Winter, Spring and even (beginning of) Summer.
All that sun made me just want to embrace all the many colours that seem to have just been non existent during these last months.

 There are many great benefits to learning and practising most art forms and with painting specifically, its great to be able to compare your ideas, mediums and skill level against the progression of time.
Above is one of my very early watercolours and is of stylised tulips. Interestingly even today l love the subject matter and the clear bright colours l've chosen, but l like to think that technically l could produce a more pleasing result, however the trade off is the many years it takes to learn how to create a great result consistently.
Although many people are talented in their chosen field (which makes it easier since they don't have to dedicate as much time as some, to acheive acceptable results), anyone with time, desire and tools (and education in the use of those tools) can acheive
results which would truly astound themselves.
We just have to remember that art, like life is not a success only journey,but that dedication and consistency absolutely pay off. We just have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and plod on.

Since the sun was casting lovely shadows in the backyard this morning (and this is a post about colour) l thought it might make a nice change  to lighten things up and go outside. It was a little more challenging than usual to set up, since l had to consider not only the position of the sun, not to mention the wind which kept blowing everything over, but also l had forgotten that it's almost impossible to see the camera screen in certain positions. Still since they say change is as good as a holiday l consider that l've had a mini break, and l hope you enjoy images  l've selected. 
The cushion you can see in the back ground is one of a pair that l made out of a Jag (brand) top l found at an op shop. Amazingly it was beaded both front and back, so with  precision cutting so as not to lose any of the beaded peacock and choosing velvet for the backs of the cushions l was able to make up the pair. I'm not sure if you can tell that it's a peacock, l can see in this photo where you might think it's a giraffe but in the next photo you can see the peacocks tail which completes his image.

On the table is a yo yo quilt l completed 6 months ago. l began it about 10 years ago and honestly never thought l would see it finished, but here it is. It was so long in the process of being made that the colours in my house have changed (in some rooms) four times.Through the years l have added the colours of the moment, mindful of what was already there, l hope this explains it's many (many) vibrant colours. l like to think it works despite it's long, uncertain journey .

We couldn't have sun and a parasol without something to enjoy it. This doll you see in the foreground was inspired by the "Linda Caroll" attic dolls (see previous post). Mine looks nothing like Linda's as mine was hand built from Das Clay and air dried , Linda's are produced in moulds and fired in a kiln. (Not to mention done by an expert).
The most difficult part was producing a head and face that was acceptable , it was a real exercise in patience, (not one of my strong points) and also completely time absorbing. Her outfit was the most fun part to make, back in my comfort zone of sewing, dyeing and embellishing.

These gorgeous, colourful images are by Tricia Guild at 
Tricia's business has it's base in London and is a home and lifestyle store, which was founded in 1970. Nowadays there are offices and stores in Paris, Milan, and Munich and she exports to 60 countries around the world. Tricia is  most well known for her designing and manufacturing of fabric and wallpaper ranges, as well as her many books, now totalling 15 - the latest which is titled "A Certain Style".

Beautiful much!!!

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Sincerely Bron.

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  1. Let's sit in the sun and admire all your beautiful things and afterwards we'll pop over to Tricia Guilds house - I wish!