Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Updated TV Unit.

Today l thought l'd share with you, my new TV unit....l'd been on the lookout for another one for ages but just couldn't find the right thing....The one we had, useful as it was......was never to my taste, you know the kind, brown, dark and chunky.
This one l found at the salvos ($100)  had a previous life as a dressing table. The mouldings and carved legs are what sold it, but l also love that l can hide the dvd player and other attachments on shelves (hubby made) inside the central cupboard.
I gave it a coat of paint and was pretty happy with how it turned out. You can see the before at the end of this post.

l used three paint colours and the brown of the underneath timber to achieve the different colours and layers.  l also reused the original handles. The dvd's stack nicely into the drawers and are much less hassle to find.

l finished updating my inspiration board so l could prop it up in front of the telly.

Lovely new book from Jean D'arc living...... Brilliant Reuse.




A couple of Christmas pressies. Angel, vase and hanging trinket.... all new, but made to look old.

Of course l was already well into it before l remembered l might need a pic....oops:-)

If you'd like to see my other dressing table's here, it lives in our family room.

Well another week's almost done.....hope you enjoy what's left of it and have an awesome weekend too. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Til next time,



Sunday, January 19, 2014

White Daybed.

It's been scorching hot here in Oz (and in my town) with temperatures around 40 degrees or above for almost a week, not good for being creative or doing anything at all really except flapping around trying to stay cool. Luckily l'd taken these photos before Christmas, so l can share them with you now. It wasn't long after the bohemian daybed post ( here) that l decided to revisit the idea, but this time using an all white theme.
Although l kicked off my pink jiffies to arrange the tulle and liked the wee splash of colour.... so l left them there :-) 

l had a great time pulling out the vintage linens, which l'm always on the lookout for, and am not at all fussy about the size, colour, or imperfections...just as long as l "love" them and they're within my budget, then l'm up for either using them as they are, or finding a new life for them.
 The valance on the daybed is the pretty ruffled edge of a curtain length.
Some of the bedlinens are tablecloths and the tulle was previously a bed canopy.
This pic and the one below are from everything beautiful. via pinterest.
l hope you're all having a lovely, lovely weekend whatever you're up to.
Thanks so much for popping in and having a squiz....
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year Begins.

A New Year always holds so much promise doesn't's a good time to push the reset button and start again...l guess a lot of you will make resolutions and some will set new goals.... if you're anything like me you won't think too much about it, and just get on with it :-)

Wishing you all a loving and joyful.....healthy and safe 2014.










Hope you've enjoyed the flashback.....a few of my favourite pics (and hopefully yours) from 2013.
Til next time,