Wednesday, January 5, 2011

French Garden.

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This week my hubby and son have both been home on holidays and this has meant a break in the usual routine for all of us. We've been able to head out and about and enjoy the fresh green countryside and lovely gardens,(thanks to recent rains and cooler than usual temperatures). The following post was inspired by all this getting back to nature. 

l bought tray shown above recently and while l love its worn timber finish and fancy handles l felt it could be made more interesting, so l was looking for some rubber stamps to print some wording on the side, however since l was unable to source any, l had to settle for the idea of stencilling it instead.

Trawling through blogs again l came across this wonderful site called where you can purchase many beautiful antique French and French style items for the house and garden. The trays below gave me the idea of what to stencil on the side of mine.

l stencilled the writing in a  paint colour called weathered wood which l use often because it's such a lovely nuetral. l didn't want anything too dark as the imperfections in the stencilling would be much more noticeable. l also aged the terracotta pots that hold the petunias by giving them a wash in pale grey paint, very thinned and rubbed back in places to vary the amount of terracotta that shows through.

Here l have placed the tray with some architectural items l have, either from the garden, or in the garden room. The angel is a concrete garden ornament.

Here the tray sits comfortably with the glass terrarium. I didn't dust the terrarium as l think it adds character (that's my excuse).

The photo above and the following two are more lovelies from antiques on consignment.

Who wouldn't love that plant stand and mirror in the background.

Antique French garden furniture.- 19th century.

The photo above and below are ones l took on my travels this week.

Somehow l fluked capturing all the contrasting light in this scene below.

If you are interested in flowers, arrangements and/or colour you might like to visit my Sisters' beautiful blog and website here 
Her ability to show blooms at their peak of perfection is just one of her many talents.

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Yours Sincerely Bron.


  1. Bron, i love how you stencilled the lettering great job, now i see what you mean about wanting large letter stamps. i could lend you mine i will be back at the market in 2 weeks. i found my blog
    i haven't used it for years, maybe i should resurrect it thanks to you. julie

  2. I love the tray. I also love how you have shown where your inspiration has come from and then interpreted it with your own creativity and style, very clever stencilling as well. Thanks for the link also!

  3. Beautifully done!!! May I ask you where did you get the stencils "Bistrot de Paris" from?