Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let Us Not Forget.

It's Anzac Day here in Oz .....and today, for the first time in the six years my daughter's been in the Defence l had the opportunity to see her march in the Anzac Day was a joy to watch and experience her as one of the many thousands of soldiers both past and serving, who we're so proud to honour, respect and remember on this special day each year.

You can pick my daughter out easily.... she's the most vertically challenged...haha...(it's hereditary :-)


l don't too often show pics of my lounge as it's a very difficult room to photograph, due to it's many doors and windows.... but hopefully you'll enjoy these few l've come up with.

Couldn't resist bringing home the blue beaded cushion.

 l hope you're all enjoying your week, whatever you're up to.....thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.
Til next time.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flea Finds and Winter Woolies.

Son was competing in the Geelong half marathon at the weekend. l managed to wrangle a ride so l could spend a couple of hours trawling the market, which is right near the start of the running course, more than 1200 people were competing so l guess lots of their supporters had the same idea as me, as the market was seriously crammed with people (dogs:)and stalls....despite the crowds l still "picked" a few awesome finds, my fave was this venetian style mirror with neon (flaky) pink border (only $10.00). l've found somewhere to put it, but haven't hung it yet.

l'm sure l've mentioned before how much l love Italian ceramics, so there was no chance of me leaving this flower basket behind:-))... vintage Morrocan style tea glasses only a dollar each.

Another thing l've been doing over the past few weeks is re-organising my wardrobe....Moving Summer clothes to the high shelves and bringing the Winter woolies down where l can reach them.
l've also been on the lookout for some warmer clothes at the markets which is where l find a lot of what l wear.... Often they can be found brand new at a fraction of the retail price.

Do you dress how you decorate....l often find myself buying things of a certain "style"... whether it's something to wear, or something for the house.... Pastels and florals, lace and ruffles, casual and sparkly...l think this becomes more apparent as we age and are more definite and confident about the things we like and don't....Our "unique" style seems to permeate many aspects of our life.

 ....and l know people bang on about age appropriateness in regards to clothes but l don't personally believe in such barriers....after all if you like something and you think it looks nice and it's something you're comfortable and confident wearing....l say GO for it.
My Mum who's in her 70's wears multi layers of lace, dresses, colours and patterns and whatever else she feels like....she's one of the funkiest dressers l know and always looks fabulous....

l love different textures together....(faux) fur and chiffon. 
Some accessories l'm and marine inspired necklaces, earrings and vintage plastic, woolie socks and the armwarmers l've worn to death.  

A few woolies l'll no doubt be wearing very soon....l'm not into wearing black at all, but if l do it's nice to lighten it up with a pretty coloured scarf. 


Vintage style blue velvet dress from the market, l know l'll never wear it but it was tooo pretty to leave behind.

Marie Antoinette print on board (also from the Geelong market)....and what l think may be spools of ribbon seam binding. 
l especially wanted to show you a pic of my funky Mum.....yep, that's us together:-))

Well there's another week almost over....l hope you have a sunny, fun filled weekend coming up...thanks so much for stopping by and for your much appreciated may notice my followers gadget is broken, l've been working on restoring it but no joy as yet...any ideas!!
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Change is as good as a Holiday.

Well maybe not....but it's a start:-). 
 A couple here on the blog....and a small change in my dining room.
You can see how it looked before here. 

Before l painted these backboards, the dresser seemed to lack oomph and felt a little formal... and though l knew it wasn't quite "right" l hadn't thought much about it.... until it hit me early one morning as l was cleaning up. It only took an hour or so to find the torquoise paint, pull everything off.... and paint it. l'm happy with it now, although this blue is not a quiet colour, it seems to relax and "ease" the dresser into the dining room, and also ties in with the blues in the adjoining kitchen/family room. 
These embroidered table napkins were cut from a vintage skirt, there wasn't quite enough fabric for five will just have to do:-))
A closeup of the embroidery. I've not sewn the ruffled edges for a relaxed, casual finish.
Couldn't resist a bunch of purple, papery statice flowers from the market....looking all washed out and beachy here.

This tablecloth was originally pale matches a whole lot better after it's torquoise (dye) bath.
Lovely, romantic and  

Stunning blue vignette.... Selina Lake. via pinterest. 
l hope you enjoyed the post today...though l haven't spent too much time writing:-))
Have a fabulous rest of your week...thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Who's got the Blues.

l hope you enjoyed your Easter and were able to have some fun and relax a bit....daughter arrived safely and l think the kids enjoyed their egg hunt, even though l had to write indoor clues at the last gasp as the rain simply would NOT go away.....A "little" sibling rivalry ensured a speedy recovery of all the eggs....well... all but one that is, they somehow managed to shunt an (big) egg down the back of the (tall) laundry cupboard which will need to be dismantled to retrieve it..haha..bless 'em.

I've been dyeing....l made up half a bathtub of torquoise to do this doona cover....but as l waited for the dye to take, l kept thinking hmmm....what else would look nice blue. So in went doyleys, lengths of lace, my ruffled tablecloth, a parasol and a couple of sets of pillowcases, (our pet goldfish, just kidding:-)) It was interesting and kinda fun, but struth l made a mess...l was surprised at how evenly the dye took and the strength of the colour. (RIT liquid)...'cos seriously....all these things used to be white or white-ISH.

 Now it's been dyed l'll hand wash this doona cover (to save it's colour) and since l wouldn't want to do that too often, l turned it into a bed throw by cutting away the underneath section...this gave me all the spare fabric l needed to make lots of ruffles, as originally it was completely without decoration, except for the lace around the edges.The otherwise plain pillowcases were decorated to match.

When everything was dyed, dried and sewn, l restyled the bed in the spare room for daughters' visit.....feathers and flowers. Sidetable essentials:-))

 l think this recent find at the Salvos' is a Summer "coat" and not one that would match a nightgown, 
since the lace is fairly stiff and the collar high...looks 60's to me.
Pretty.. but not QUITE warm enough for our chilly winters:-))


More things blue....madonna, bottles and candle....The small mercury glass vase was a lucky find at the market and perfectly matches the larger one.

These two old plastic carved brooches were an unexpected find at the bottom of a five dollar box of broken bits....soo my cup of tea...LOVE 'em.

Aboriginal Mairineer shell necklace.....circa 1920.

Gorgeous linens... Rachel Ashwells' new range of monogrammed bedlinen....of course you can have the letter of your choice embroidered on it:-)) rachel ashwell via instagram

Have a lovely day and weekend coming up.

Til Next Time,