Monday, January 30, 2012

Keeping Kool.

I'm not sure about your neck of the woods.... but here it's been SIZZLING all week...don't get me wrong Summer's awesome and l love it.... but we really NEEDED some rain and last night it the dust has settled and the day's cooled off a tad and maybe now l can wind that bloody hose up for a couple of days....yay!! 

This week l've been working on a few projects....l finally got around to clearing out that dome l bought a couple of weeks ago, (thanks to TAM and SHEL for their great advice). l also did a little (fast) charcoal ballerina sketch for the moodboard update l'm working on.

The dome was taken apart very carefully....l was rapt to save the butterfly.....l soo didn't want to throw him out.

A few weeks ago l bought a top which may have been part of a suit...anyway it was really blahhh, totally shapeless with giant puffy know the sort, but the lace overlay certainly had potential. Cos it was a couple of sizes bigger l knew l had extra fabric to play with to make something else. Some cutting and sewing later l ended up with this vest....
Now l'm not really gonna wear THAT cross with it...l have one way BIGGER than that.. haha...

Also found at the oppy this week (it's NEVER to hot to opshop) a couple of pairs of gloves...these l think would be 50' cute are the little embroidered flowers.

and these white one's with stud buttons might be earlier..... p'raps 40's.

A few can never have too many. White cosmos and Just Joey rose.

Found at trash yesterday....wooden rose print just $4.00, nice.


But the pick of the week was picked by mum........last Sunday l had to work (again) but luckily she was on the job, and found me this foot high Jesus...she wouldn't tell me how much he cost but isn't he awesome.(Even if he does have a dodgy eye).
Apparently she told the guy selling it (and l quote)....If l leave that there my daughter will kill me!!! ...
How very CHRISTIAN she made me sound :-)))  Bless her.
Here he is in all his glory, pictured in the background is my other Jesus.

This pink sofa looks to me like it's outside?? via pinterest.

Lovin' the fake doors and the lace valance...crushculdesac. via pinterest.

Cool butterfly ballerina also via pinterest.

Thanks so much for stopping by....have a fantastic week won't you,
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Friday, January 20, 2012

In a bit of a Jam.

Well l know l was telling you last post that l'm no cook..... and that's true, but l really enjoy eating jam so each year about this time l make an effort to cook a couple of batches...... l head to mums' to pick the fruit from her pleasantly plump plum trees:-) It was something she did for decades, but now no longer eats sugar, so l've had to step up.  

The recipe is very simple......a pound of plums, to a pound of sugar (brown's good) and an hour of cooking for each pound of fruit. It needs only to be simmered for the entire time it's cooking. 


It's great to be able to share 'round...... so to pretty the jars up l've covered the lids with some floral fabric (an old shirt) and torn some of the same fabric into strips to tie the covers on. A rubber band underneath the fabric strip will hold the cover in place.

l then put a few things together from around the house and took some pics.....Not so old jug and bowl set with depression glass vase of roses, the rose is called Julia's Rose and is a lovely faded brown colour. Mauve towels and gilded filligree petite point hand mirror and brush. Teeny bottle of Indian Opium perfume.

Vintage chinese style tin and gold tone mesh coin purse. 

The plush velvet fitted hat is prob'ly thirties shown with various tins, wings and beaded bags.

Gorgeous rusty type bath. ladylavona. via pinterest.

Selection of china from selinalake. via pinterest.

Vintage suitcase and trunk.....uncoeurenprovence. via pinterest.

Quirky and interesting. via pinterest.

Divine cushions, also via pinterest.

Thanks again for your visits and kind comments...hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up,

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

b.Gentle Factory.

Last weekend hubby and l... along with about 20,000 other people visited the usually quaint and quiet township of Bunninyong which was the place to be, to see the national cycling championships. The atmosphere was pumping....the whole town really stepped up for the occasion....opening all the shops, cafes and hotels making us visitors feel more than welcome....this combined with perfect weather and big name cyclists assured the biggest crowd the nationals had ever seen.

Here on the main street of the town l mossied into b.Gentle Factory and met SELENA (the owner and founder) who graciously allowed me to snap some pics of her gorgeous shop and wares to share with you. 

What first hits you is the light filled space and how pretty everything is.
Selena (and her mum) make the soaps locally....many are shaped into perfectly formed cupcakes and cake slices that also smell good enough to eat.

There's also a vintage vibe going on...both in styling and packaging. This wall (pic left) is set out much like an olde worlde lolly shop.

A range of kids clothing and toys adds diversity and interest.

 Quilts and cushions in ruffles and patchwork.....something for everyone.
 All beautifully coordinated and styled.

To finish off the post....... l trawled pinterest for some themed inspiration.
Ballet and tutu cookies.

Then thought l'd add some awesome kids spaces. via pinterest.

Great use of space....... for fun sleepovers. sosmartalec. via pinterest.

Light and airy with a splash of colour. via pinterest.

Bold and funky kids workspace. hivingout. via pinterest.

Little girls and their ballet love. vintagemorrhar. via pinterest.

 and teeny ballet slippers. rachelashwellshabbychiccouture. via pinterest.

...... fruffled frock and folly brolly. via pinterest.

and kids and pets that make our lives via pinterest.

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week..... thanks so much for stopping by.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Lazy Hazy Dayz.

Hope your New Year celebrations were fun and let's hope 2012 brings love, peace and health to you all. l never make resolutions 'cos l know whatever it is l'll CAVE.. haha!!... At least that takes the pressure off.
Anyway..... l think we're often our own harshest critics, so lets just aim to be kind to US, and remember all the many things we HAVE and ARE getting done. Life's too short to be kickin' our own sandcastle.


 Since the weather here is at long last, sunny and windless.... l decided to take some pics outside under the shade of one the big trees in our backyard. l took all the necessities for a relaxing afternoon.

Music, mags, cold drink and of course chocolates.....l don't mind if they melt a little. A pretty length of fabric to keep the flies at bay

Ballerina dances amongst the rose blooms.
Thanks for stopping by....have a great week.

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