Monday, July 25, 2016

Garden and Glam.

l love to get out in the garden, however l tend to be one of those gardeners that does nothing for ages and then every now and again works themselves into a frenzy trying to catch up on all the weeding they SHOULD have been doing all along:-), so it was good news when the council recently gave everyone in our town a large green bin and began a green waste recycling programme. I've been out in the garden.... pruning the roses, cutting back the perennials and trimming and weeding.... FILLING that FLIP TOP up:-)
Although we still had to take a huge load of green waste to the waystation as we've also had violent winds here which completely blew over one of the large trees in our backyard, luckily nothing/no-one was hurt or destroyed except the poor old tree, we've planted another one in it's place but it looks so teeny and bare....

Even though it was only 1degree this morning l gritted my teeth (it stopped them chattering:) and went to the market, even though l was convinced there'd be nothing was rapt to find a couple of lovely vintage inspired frocks. They're the two white/black ones at the front of the rack.

l wonder if you do this too.....when l get Christmas or Birthday money l usually save it until l come across something a bit special.... Last week l found this French jewellery casket at a local antiques cleaned me out, but l loved it and had been after one for ages that wasn't too spendy.
Found this funky boho hangy thing made of coconut shells at a garage sale...l'm SO kicking myself though, because there were two and l left the other one there, as it was missing a couple of bits, however l realise NOW that l really needed the TWO and it's all just a bit TOO late.

Lovely old faded print.

Finally a bit of sunshine....perfect for taking a few pics:-)

Taken from my photo files....See full post here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop in here and have a read.....hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week.

Big Hugs.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Projects and Prayer Cards.

It must be SO lovely up there in the Northern Hemispere.... soaking up warm Summer days, long evenings, beaches and BBQ's.....Things are a little different HERE, but this morning wasn't quite as freezing as it HAS been, so l figured l'd get out for a mountain bike ride.(mountains definitely NOT included:-) l was exhausted before l even got going just layering up enough to keep warm, and l was wishing l'd just made a cuppa and had a lie down instead...haha..
 Hubby's having a few weeks off at the moment so l'm all out of routine, or at least that's what l'm telling myself, (more likely a wee bit slack:-)....He has the telly on during the day (to watch the Tour De France) and that combined with the roaring fire he keeps going.....well what can you do??:-) 

Found these pink tapered candles on my travels and used them for a mini makeover l had in mind.
There were only three paper angels in the packet so l photocopied another couple to make for each candle. lt was easy as, to cut out and sticky tape an angel and a vintage flower bouquet to each one.
The little brown cardboard box came from Mum's and in it were a heap of old prayer cards...l picked out the prettiest to show here.
I've always loved the antique fabric boxes l see in mags and on some of the blogs l visit, so when l came across this plain box yesterday, l decided to have a go at covering it.The hardest part was choosing the right fabric for the look l was after..... this was the closest l had, and it was used inside out, as it looked more faded and vintagey. Spray adhesive was used to attach the fabric to the cardboard.  

l was crushed to get a letter from Harris Publications (who publish The Romantic Country magazine) to say they've gone into favourite mag is NO more.....
Just as well it only takes an hour or so to get to Lily Pond.....'cos there they sell the Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine. l took a trip there last week and since they were all so lovely (and l comfort read).... l bought three issues:-)

Wishing everyone the best of weeks....thanks so much for stopping in here and also for your lovely comments and kind words...

Hugs and Hugs,