Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Times They Are A Changing.

YES....it's true...l've started posting on  INSTAGRAM.....that said, there's no way l'll be abandoning my blog or my blog buddies, though l might not blog as often....l'm hoping to spend a little more time creating and listing some things in my etsy shop.....l've had an Instagram and etsy site for some time now, but l've been totally resistant to getting either of them up and running....but it's time for CHANGE. Hope you can pop over sometime and see what l'm up to...

Frankly, its a relief to know Spring is just a few days away and we're banking on a bountiful one since we've had soo much rain over Winter....around town l see early ornamental blossoms and camellias blooming and have been now for a few weeks. The magnolias are set to burst, as are the lilacs, and Spring bulbs are in full swing..... so yes our worlds changing and l feel blessed just to see it in all it's loveliness once again.

Came up with the idea to make some angel catchers, (my made up name for them:-) or they could be dream wings...hehe, or they COULD be.... if l'd shaped them a bit better....so for now they're angel catchers:-)...l learnt a lot making this set and l'm in the process of making some more which l'm HOPING will turn out awesome...haha!!

Found the crown pens when l went to visit Bree....The shop was HUGE and sold only Japanese stuff, all the signage was in Japanese and all the packaging had Japanese writing on it, there were no prices on anything which was a little confusing until l got to the register where the girl told me that everything in the store was $2.80....l also bought the hot pink/aqua chocolate box (next above), though you can't see the gold writing it's advertising French chocolates.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and thanks heaps for popping in for a visit....thanks also for all the lovely and much appreciated comments regarding Bree and Rhys's home...they were really excited to share it with you and we all loved reading your positive and sweet feedback.

Til next time




  1. Oh how lovely to visit your beautiful place and drink in all that gorgeousness. Isn't it exciting that Spring is just around the bend in the road. Our blossoms are just beginning to show their pretty faces...daffodils, tulips, camellias etc etc. I love your angel catches. I am quite certain there is many an angel who would love to spend a while in your lovely home.

  2. That first picture is gorgeous, took my breath away! Such a beautiful, feminine and serene spot! I love your girly pens, I really need some girly pens. I use the ones Kyran gets free from Pepsi, not very girly at all. Your angel catchers are beautiful, what a fun and unique twist on a dream catcher!

    I'm glad you're posting on IG more, it's fun seeing you on there:) It is a lot less time consuming than blogging but, like you, I could never fully abandon my little blog:) I always love seeing your lovely home whether it's here or there! Have a wonderful day my sweet friend!

  3. What beautiful photos-- your home is filled with lovely design. Love the soft colors....
    It's going to be Autumn here soon. I'm hating to say goodbye to summer- it has flown by this year..

  4. Following you on Instagram! So nice that you are looking forward to Spring. I am looking forward to Fall which is my favorite season. It has been a hot and humid summer and I am ready for cooler weather and all that Fall brings. As always your photos are beautiful!!

  5. Dear Bron,

    It's lovely you are on instagram now...
    And your pictures are so so lovely...
    Love the ruffles and lovely colors, you
    are amazing with everything...
    I love your changing, and it's so nice you
    share this with us...

    Love from The Netherlands,

  6. I love your white & pastel colours so light and bright. Almost you have spring... here in The Netherlands we have after a bad cold summer now a heat wave...
    Great blog you have and thank you you've found mine!
    Have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke from The Netherlands

  7. Beautiful. I'm always so enamored with your pictures that I'm not even quite sure what to say. Your home is dreamy!! I hope you do have a bountiful spring. That's what we always hope for too and rain is the key. ;)

  8. Your home is so, so, so lovely... -happy sigh-

    One of our grand daughters was a Japanese major at University. She is now teaching English, in Japan (her first job!)... She could have read those labels, in the Japanese items store. :-)

    Yes, my besom. I have wanted one for so long. But well-make ones, are not easy to find. Finally found my small ceremonial witch's broom/besom, at Broomchick. Love it, propped up, beside our old fireplace.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  9. Hello Born,
    I love your cosy and light home. So beautiful!

  10. I love all your pretty stuff here ♥


  11. Hi Bron. Thanks for your lovely comment on my 50 & Fab post. We seem to be kindred spirits! Thrilled to have 'met' you and discovered your gorgeous blog! I'm on Instagram too as Mimi's Tray of Bliss, so I'll connect with you there. Love, Mimi xxx

  12. Hello Bron, you have a lovely blog - thank you so much for stopping by for a sweet visit! It must be wonderful to be coming into springtime - it seems such a short time ago that we were there, too. I love your beautiful and feminine sitting area! It really is dreamy! xx Karen

  13. Your photos are gorgeous and so inspiring. So many beautiful treasures!

  14. I absolutely love all the vintage beauty in your photos!

  15. Your angel catchers are so delicate and pretty...love them. Your whole room has such a soft touch with your choice of beautiful pastel colors and prints.
    Thank you for your visit and very lovely comments,
    Mary Alice