Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Shabby Painted Cabinet.

Like many of you l'm sure.....l'm happiest when l have a project/s going on....especially a house project. When l first started blogging 5-ish years ago, l never would have thought l could find so MANY projects to keep the house updated and the blog going all these years, but l think having a blog and reading blogs fires up the creative flow.... then the trick is trying to get all the projects done that you WANT to get done:-), and this is even more true if you're a bit of vintage hunter  since almost everything that comes home is a potential project...haha.
So over the past few weeks l've painted both the cabinets in the lounge and replaced the porcelain and glass display. The cabinet below was painted in Dulux Limed White half strength and sanded back on the raised areas....l've decorated the shelves in a 50's era theme. Another hatbox was recovered in vintage wallpaper to add to the blue one on top.
The second cabinet l'll have to show in a later post as there were just too many pics for one post.

The display still isn't quite "there" and has even changed since these pics were taken....no doubt there'll still be a bit of tweaking til l'm happy with it, but hopefully you'll still enjoy seeing what l've done....l just wished ALL the shelves were wooden though... they'd look so much softer and shabby, pretty...l wonder if they can be replaced....(ANOTHER project maybe:-)

l scrounged almost every cupboard, box and drawer in the house AND shopped my stall at the Mill to bring together all the pieces in both the cabinets.....It was a lot of fun arranging it all...l was going for a look something like an accessories cupboard in a dress shop.

There's vintage packaging including perfumes, talc and even real red lipstick from the 50's, l tried to incorporate a number of bits that have come home from Mum's place. There's even a bridal headpiece and faux flower wedding bouquet.

A carved bone fan at the back and vintage plastic earrings and brooches are in the little jewellery cabinet.....50's and 60's plastic hair slides are in the dish.

Below l've shown a couple of my inspiration pictures. These are from nostalgiaatthestonehouse.

This is the cabinet before.....Even though l loved the creamy distressed finish when l bought it......it never looked right with any of the painted grey furniture in this room.

l hope you're all having a beautiful, stress free week....thanks so much for popping in here for a visit.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fairy Wings And Other Things.

Daylight savings finished this weekend...to me it's always the line in the sand as to whether Winter is coming or Winter is going....The mornings here are once again cool and crisp and the leaves are turning golden shades of Autumn...Even though l'm a little sad that Summer is all but gone for us, it's still great to share in the excitement of Summer returning to those of you living in the Northern hemisphere.
lt hasn't been easy getting this post up as the house is a BIG schmozzle at the moment and there's not really been anywhere to take pretty photos:-).....You see there's stuff EVERYWHERE as l've decided to paint the two large cabinets in the lounge room....so out came ALL the china which l've had to find extra storage for as l want to change the displays. Also we are still clearing out Mum's house so things are coming home from there each week, and add to that the few projects l have on the go. l'm hoping to have it all organised in the next few weeks but at the moment.....well let's just say.... it aint  pretty:-)

l was inspired by the lovely antique wings they sell at jeanne d'arc living. and tried to make something similar. l made two pair but one pair turned out so badly they were only fit for the bin:-) There was no sewing involved in their creation, l drew out a template which l used to bend to shape the wire after covering with a piece of old tulle,  some of the same tulle was torn and placed around the edges.

 l found a floral ruffled skirt at the opshop and knew straight away l could use it to pretty up a set of plain beige napkins l had. The ruffles were simply removed from skirt and sewed around each edge of the napkins. A couple of patches were added for some shabby interest. No doubt we'll never use them but hey...they're there if we NEED them:-)

Found this birdcage at the mill market. It was BLACK when l bought it and the paint was chipping off all over the place. A good sand and a couple of cans of white spray paint...that's more like it :-)

A couple of pics from my files.

It's so lovely of you to stop by here, thanks so much. Hope you all have a beautiful week.

Til next time,