Thursday, December 2, 2010

The mural

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Today l'm sharing photos of a mural which l recently painted in my hallway. 
l've painted a number of murals on this wall over the years, each one has been quite different in style, colour and subject and usually accompanies a change of wall colour in my loungeroom which adjoins the hallway, (therefore altering the mood of the area), it's a nice sized space for me to practice my skills (?) and ideas.

 l've aimed for a contemporary painting.... inspired by the stick and peel wallpapers (often in black and white, of trees and birdcages etc.) which l've seen around at the moment.

The paint l chose is Kabuki (by Taubmans) and is a purply, raspberry colour. lt seemed to blend well with the beige pink of the walls, l was worried the black silhouette look might be a bit harsh.
Firstly l sketched the main features in charcoal just because it's easy to see, l then began painting them in. Many of the elements were moved around a bit as the picture started to take shape. Often what looks O.K. in a small sketch doesn't work when enlarged to this size.

Here is a close up of the peacocks' tail which hopefully shows the small oval mirrors l have placed on each of the feathers. l wanted to give them the sense of importance and drama that they have in real life, without having to add colour. The mirrors seemed like the solution. They flash different colours as you walk by.

This is the finished painting and l was happy with it.

This is the mural that was painted over, it's a photo of photo so it's a little blurry.
It took quite a while to paint as there are so many straight the columns, and the folding doors...the tiles were painted and marbled to match the ones in the hallway.

Today l am bringing you some photos of a gorgeous studio cottage owned by Sandra Foster
here. My shabby streamside studio. The cottage has been featured in a number of magazines and l have attributed the images below. Enjoy the eye feast.

This photo is by Trevor Tondro  and is featured in The New York Times, of Sandra's cottage in the Catskills.

This photo and below are also by Trevor Tondro.

This photo is by Gross and Daly for the Country Victorian magazine.

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