Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Light and Dark

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting at this very busy time of year. In less than a week it will all be done and dusted and in as much as Christmas is fun, joyous and a great time to catch up with friends and family, most of us wouldn't want to live with this level of intensity all the time, so we'll return to our everyday activities without too much complaint.

Below is a painting which a friend of mine asked me to paint for her recently, it is an acrylic painting and has been deliberately painted on a wide but not too high canvas which looks very effective above her widescreen telly and  cabinet (that it sits on).
Her house although built in traditional style (federation) has been updated in a contemporary way and features lovely light painted walls and dark polished floor boards. The contrast of dark background and light blooms seems to complement the space well and also because of the dark background the white flowers really pop. The photo did not quite fit the painting in it's entirety, so l have added it below in two parts.



The crocheted jacket that you see was done by my Mum for my daughter, and was made entirely without a pattern. While it was in the process of being made, my Mum  showed it to a friend, who mentioned it to someone who was getting married and they commissioned her to make three for the wedding all in different sizes (which she actually agreed to do and did do), can you believe the patience of this woman.
Any way the wedding ones were all done in white and like the one shown were absolute stunners.

The torso above was one l bought and originally covered in wadding and velvet to hang my jewellery on, but l got bored with it and after stripping it back to cardboard l decided to mosaic it. It was done using many old smashed saucers and bread and butter plates, l've mostly used the china face side up, but occasionally l have put the the underneath (brand side)up, just as a point of interest.


l have added a vintage beaded bag and necklaces as well as a 60's green headpiece and a modern chandelier on a neck chain as well.

Shown here is a beautiful vintage dress by the House of Dior and is on display at the and is encrusted in crystals. (Glad l didn't have to sew them on).

Timeless easy care black and white linens by 

Well that's all for this post, l intend to be back next Wednesday, so until then a very

Merry Christmas to you all.

Sincerely Bron.

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  1. OMG! The painting! Oh the emotion I felt when I saw it! What an extraordinary gift of talent you behold. The torso - I thought that was part of a magazine - it is devine and you have taken such beautiful photos.
    Yes, I'd wear the dress and sleep in that bed.
    Thanks so much for sharing x