Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun and Games.

Let The Games Begin.

l don't know about you guys.....but l love the olympic games.... l love the whole world spirit of them....So here was l, and l wonder if you were too..... up with the crows at 5.00 this morning to watch the opening ceremony in London (on the telly)....and it didn't disappoint. There were incredible feats of synchronization during the history of Britain and eye (and ear) popping sensations during the fireworks ....but for me the highlight was Rowan Atkinson joining in with the London Philarmonic Orchestra.....funny AND fun. 

A few small projects this week.
l've made lots of paper peonies before, but this time l decided to hand paint the paper.....l thought this might help them appear more realistic. (pic further down).

My daughter who clearly has me figured out (O.K. l may have HINTED :-)) bought me a subscription to Romantic Homes for my Birthday (in May)....l was so excited when my first copy arrived (from America) the other day.

These birds also underwent a colour change (or two)...they were once gold, (before pic below)....they were undercoated in white with a matt spray, which look great, but then l thought they might be even nicer blue.. but back to white they went.


Something else l've been messing round with......Tissue paper roses....great for decorating presents. The petals were torn (rather than cut with scissors)....l like the effect of the fragile, translucent petals.

l made half a dozen or so. Some large and some small.

The top pic is the tissue paper when wet with paint which was daubed on, (which l used for the peony)....l've used white acid free paper which is a little thicker than the usual, you can buy it at most stationary suppliers....l used a hairdryer to hurry up the drying process....(no patience at
Below is the birds when they were gold.

l've also been putting a few necklaces together out of broken bits found in bag lots. Two sets of carnival glass necklaces (yellow and brown). The beaded lace necklace was made a while ago..also out of scavenged pieces.

Gorgeous white carnival glass beads which are prob'ly 30s or 40s. Beaded 60s wedding horseshoe sits to one shoulder.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend wherever you are and whatever you're up to.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Roses and Ruffles.

You might remember a while ago l made a ruffled tablecloth out of a queen size bedsheet, here which used to match the dining room perfectly......until l decided to paint, so l'd been on the lookout for some fabric to make another one. 
l came across a whole pile of white sheets on sale (a dollar each) at the oppy. They were very large so l only needed a couple and though they looked clean l gave them a soak in some bleach.....then got to work.

 This time there was plenty of fabric so l was able to make the ruffles nice and long. The best part was having a REAL excuse to watch four episodes of Downton Abbey (in a row) while l gathered

Once it was finished, despite it being dreary old winter here...the sun was shining in, so l took a few pics to share.

This bottle of green tea is a perfect match for my chinese-y teapot....found at Safeway it looks almost too pretty to drink. Old dress clips and clip earrings have been attached to the serviette ties.


Lots of girlie ruffles and there were enough leftover to add yet another layer....but since the tablecloth's  already pretty long, there was a real danger we could strangle ourselves getting up from the table:-))) l didn't do it.

The glass plates are from a dinner set (for 12) l started collecting pieces for about 3 years ago.....mostly with the idea of using it for Christmas lunch. These days it also includes jugs, serving bowls and a large cake plate. 

Lovely ruffles....zsazsabellagio.  via pinterest.

l really hope  you've enjoyed this post as much as l have bringing it to you. Have a great rest of your week.

Til next time.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mums Place - Part 3

If you've been popping in for a while you may have already seen the previous posts l've done on Mums place...(if not you can check them out  HERE  and HERE). The kitchen's had a recent makover so we thought you might enjoy a looksee. It used to be bright yellow like her bedroom but it's quite dark in here in Winter so she wanted to try and lighten it a little. Of course a tin of paint wasn't gonna cut it....and as always her aim is reuse, recycle and this is what she did....

Now when most people have paid their utility bills, they throw them out after a certain length of time but NOT mum...Some of the ones she's pasted here date back to 1977 and are actually handwritten.

There weren't quite enough bills to do the four walls, so for a while we all wondering what she'd come up with to finish it off....Eventually she decided on pages torn from vintage botanical books....their pretty pages adding interest and intrigue. They look great above the mosaiced fireplace. 

You can see here where the gas bills meet up with the botanical pages. Its all pretty random but thats what's so somehow seems to work:-))
Fairies and goblins are scattered throughout the house.....characters from childrens story books that are collected for their beautiful illustrations.  

This world map adds educational:-)) viewing....beside it you can see the handwritten gas bills. Bits of lace and doilies are strung in doorways and over curtains...why store them in cupboards when they can displayed and enjoyed by everybody.

Oblong doilies have been stitched loosely together to add privacy to her little kitchen window....and safety pinned to a length of string. The mummade tassle is used as a blind pull and has been blinged up with beads.

 The old butter churn was a gift from a friend and is a reminder of her childhood when she lived on a farm and her mother used to bring the cows down from the paddock to milk them and she'd use one like this to turn the milk to butter.

This beautiful mosaiced bottle was found at trash a couple of months captured her heart and imagination at first sight...and although she hummed and hahed cos the price tag was a little hefty at  $50.00 (and the stall holder wasn't budging) the end the bottle won and home it went with her. It's smothered in gems and jewels, buttons and baubles, all meticulously stuck on with clear silicon and is a fantastic work of art. It sits perfectly in any room of the house and looks like it was made for it.

The head of the house............beloved (prince) Fergus.

One of the things l've always found amazing about Mum is her ability to forge her own path...whether it's losing her husband at 36 and raising 3 kids on her own (and remaining alone), or being diagnosed with cancer and being told she has 12 months to live (more than 3 years ago), or even how to decorate her home....she defies anyone to tell her how to
live...continuing instead to be positive, caring, generous and best of all, completely HERSELF.

 l know Mum would love to blog but thinks it's a bit late for her to start blogging now......however she's so excited to have this opportunity to share her home and ideas with you all and hopes it inspires some (or all) of you to let loose in your own surroundings....

Have a fantastic rest of your week and thanks heaps for popping on over.

Til next time,