Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

A Very Merry Christmas to you.


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas enjoying this special day with those you love.
Be safe.

Til next time.



Friday, December 13, 2013

Almost Christmas.

Well there's another year almost done and dusted and as usual l've barely started the Christmas shopping, l'm never too organised, but this year l've really outdone myself, leaving pretty much the LOT til the last gasp, anyway l'm not too worried.... it'll happen.
l DID sit down and write out some cards this morning and l was thinking it's just as well most people are happy to just send and receive a text message these days, cos that meant there weren't so many to write out.
In some ways l miss all the beautiful cards strung up across the room or mantle though.... and mostly l miss the handwritten letters you'd sometimes find inside, filled with the year's news from the distant relo's.....but, it's a changing world and today l'm not complaining.

A few Frenchy bottles and packaging. The bag looks 30's and the beadwork is amazing as each bead is SO teeny.....maybe four of them would make up the size of a pinhead.
Old millinery flowers and vintage packaging. 
Florals....can a girl EVER have enough. l made the cream floral dress/nightie by cutting down an old (grannie) nightie and using the excess fabric to make tie straps, if you found a really large one, you might also be able to add a frill round the bottom....It was inspired by the pretty ones Rachel Ashwell sells  here  which l LOVE, but for me it's more creative to give new life to vintage ones. 
Aren't we so lucky to have blogs to check out all the different ways people decorate their homes at Christmas time, and l think we can all appreciate the time and effort it must take to make it happen.....and if you have young kids either living at home or coming to visit,  it's something they remember for a lifetime. l can still remember having a natural tree in a bucket for many years (that Dad would "find" for us :-) never mind that it frequently leant to one side and quite often toppled over. l can remember the excitement of pulling out the decorations that were saved and reused every year and helping to hang them all.... Higgledy Piggledy of course.
l also clearly remember the year Mum brought home a WHITE tree and the hooha it caused with everyone who saw it. People just couldn't wrap their heads around the idea of a white synthetic tree back in the early 70's, but SHE loved it....that's our Mum....ahead of her time.
So it's prob'ly not surprising that l too love a white and silver theme going on this year. 

Found these unusual vases, like bulbous test tubes all stuck together.

l've been finding a few copper bits and pieces lately.

Including this star Christmas tree. 


This is my tree this year, the star at the top is a bit crooked......and it also fell over about 2 hours after l finished decorating it... yep...just like home :-)
Isn't this just too cute.....jeannedarcliving. 

Serious santa's. Rachel Ashwell (link above). 
Enjoy your weekend. Hope it's a great one. Thanks for stopping by. 
Til next time,