Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spring Break.

Last week l drove interstate to spend some time with my daughter for her Birthday. l love to get over to see her since she makes me so welcome and plans all these things for us to do.....we had dinner at a riverside restaurant, lunch at a Boho Bar...we went wood choppin', whip crackin' crazy at the Adelaide show (ok maybe that was just me:-) We also trawled markets, museums, galleries and shopping centres all in the space of a few days. Whew!!!! Now l need a holiday to get over my holiday:-) 
l'm sure it wasn't a good look as l hung precariously off the ladder to reach the high branches of the neighbour's blossom trees that (sort of ;- ) hang over our fence....the silly things l do to make pretty pictures..haha. The weather was against me as the wind had knocked a lot of the blossom from the branches, but hey...l got my pics:-)
l hardly ever take photos in the lounge room as l'm so over the carpet and our couches are dark burgundy. l'd change them for white slipcovered ones in a heartbeat, but when your hubby's a tradie it's just not a practical option....l know they can be washed but seriously who wants to do that every few weeks...especially during Winter, so for now we'll just stick with the wipeable leather. l guess it's easy enough to throw over a quilt if l want to lighten up the space.


While l was away l kept a keen eye out for pretties for my stall at the Mill and was lucky enough to find a few. l also found these gorgeous earrings to add to my ever expanding collection of  vintage enamel jewellery.
Sweet little ballerina print and Madonna with child print.... hand painted Florentine tray.
Here the blossoms take centre stage. 
Two pics above are from  Rachel Ashwell. 
Hope you all enjoy a wonderful and uplifting weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spring At Last.

Spring's sheer bliss to see the world coming alive again after Winter (when pretty much all you see is sticks:-) seems all of nature is bursting and blooming just to impress humankind.

l couldn't wait to bring in fistfuls of flowers, dig out the floral prints, and open up some doors to let air and light in.

It'll be lovely to again pick flowers from the garden....mind you l'm well grateful to be able to buy them throughout the Winter months to add a bit of pretty to a room and lift everyone's spirits.

An explosion of colour.....pretty papery ranunculus.

The placemats were simply torn to size from a length of need to sew anything,  just keeping it simple:-)

The Old Curiosity Shop is open only one weekend a year in Spring and these photos were taken last year. Mosaic work on the house began in 1855 by James and Caroline Warwick. It took 40 years for the work to be completed and was first opened to the public in 1895.

The Warwicks' are the only owners to have ever lived in the house, it's heritage listed and doesn't exactly have too many modern conveniences, so the current owner built a home at the rear of the property where she continues working on the home and garden in her free time.

This is a section of the hand built stone front fence, James would pay the neighbourhood children money to bring him their broken dolls to inset into the cement. 

This is a photograph of the Warwicks outside their home in 1900..... State Library of Victoria.
What's so amazing is the range of things they mosaicked with..... broken ceramics, tiles, shells, marbles, mirrors and heaps more....they broke all the rules and it just looks fantastic. 
Hope you enjoy the weekend coming up and thanks so much for popping in here.

Til next time,



Friday, August 15, 2014

Pretty Spring Florals.

Though Spring's still a couple of weeks away l hope you enjoy these florally pics l put together .... l found this lovely vintage doona cover in blue and white floral which was the inspiration for the post.

I also found a few things for my stall at the Mill.....vintage tiny floral print dress. Old watering can and 70's fringed shawl.

The candle is a keeper......the Florentine picture frame will be sold. 
One of my tutu paintings sold.... so l had great fun painting a replacement. 
l sooo wanted to keep these bohemian glass bowls, but l packed them up and took them out to my stall before l could change my mind ... along with the tambour lace cloth and Florentine tray....but struth it was hard l tell ya :-) 
Anyway hope you all have a fantastic weekend coming up....
til next time,

Friday, August 1, 2014

From The Auction Room.

A few changes to the snore zone.... 
The mirrored shelf was discovered at auction, covered in dark green paint, and cobwebs.... a good scrub and three coats of white paint later....:-)
The wall sconces that were once multi-coloured, have been painted to match. 
A vintage paisley shirt.....and roses. 
 Lady head vase.... also found at auction. 

New cut glass lamps from Target....The shades are lace sleeves cut from an unworn top.

Such loveliness........found here
Love this pic taken of my daughter a week or so ago in Queenstown, (New Zealand) where she's been snow boarding....looks a little chilly though..
Mind you it's pretty chilly here as well.....these pics were taken in my garden earlier today.
We usually only have one or two snowfalls a year so it's a bit of a novelty to us:-) 

Wishing you all a marvellous weekend whatever you're up to....
Til next time,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kitchen Update.

l really hope you enjoy having a peek at my new look kitchen and are inspired seeing the big impact paint can have on a space. Though the kitchen has always worked on a functional level being that it's set out well, receives great natural light from the bay window, as well as morning sun due to it's Easterly aspect, my main issue was the out-dated, dingy orange timber stained cupboards. As the house was built around 20 years ago, it's to be expected that things end up looking like they're stuck in a time warp after a while, and except for the bench tops which were replaced a few years ago, our kitchen was straight out of the 90's.
(There's a before picture at the end of the post).

The space now seems so much lighter, and is more open and airy. My Sister's an interior designer and she selected Antique White USA for the paint colour...l think she's chosen perfectly. (Thanks Sis :-)
The plain pantry door was replaced with this leadlight one to tie it in with the leadlight of the overhead cabinets. l kept all the same appliances since they all still function perfectly fine.
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen, the family room is to the left. 

Flowers and candles pretty up and soften the space. 
The handles and doorknobs were all bought online where there's a huge range to choose from. The porcelain has a fine (deliberate) crackling through them which l think gives them the vintage look l was going for.
 Small shelves at the end of the cupboards hold jugs at the ready for bunches of flowers.
l still love the original feature tile so no need to change anything there.

In the kitchen looking out....on a very dark Wintry day. 

Now if only l could convince hubby to paint out all the timber skirting boards and architraves in the house....but l guess that's a battle for another day haha:-)
 This is the only before photo l have, taken about 12 months ago, but you can see just how orange the cupboards and bench look.   
 A (fuzzy) photo l took of the work on the bench, still in progress. Hubby removed the corbels for the pine lining which he nailed directly onto the hardwood bench. The corbels were then returned to their original positions, and architrave was nailed along the bottom edge. This not only neatens the edge, but also gives the bench more of a sense of solidity.  
Thanks so much for popping in for a visit and l hope you all have a great rest of your week.
Til next time,