Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Break.

l hope your Easter is full of happiness........

l don't even have an Easter pic for you guys...SOZ....but it's been a bit crazy around here. ( could be just me:-))

The job l've been working in for the past year or so came to an end yesterday. l knew it was going to....and although l'm not able to give up my current career straight away, l've been thinking a LOT about how l want to spend my future working days..... and l'm thinking NOW might be the time for a change.

So a couple of weeks ago (thanks to my Sis:-) l rang the large collectible centre in our town to see if they had any spare site's.... at that time there was nothing available, though he did say there was a chance that one might be coming up after Easter, but that he'd ring me and let me know if, and when...... l was sitting on the couch with very mixed feelings, wondering about how to move forward when the phone was the manager of the mill markets to tell me that the site he'd mentioned WAS available and that l could move in next week!!!

So...decision made:-)....but l've really gotta move, there's so much to organise....and not the least is working out what "treasures" to sell and l know it's gonna be a wrench parting with lots of them.....but l had a bit of an AHAH moment recently when l read something written by Christina Strutt (Cabbages and Roses.) who said she only ever sold what she loved, and l can see that has to be my goal too...... no trying to hang on to all the good stuff...and even then, there's no guarantee this venture will work but l'm excited for the chance to try....and kinda scared too:-)

This little side table had a bad case of the wobbles when l found it, and (thankfully) wasn't beyond my limited skills to fix, the timber was stained a typical yuck brown so out came the paint to add a little colour. On the wall above the bedhead are circular mirrors that were once part of an antique brass bed.

These lovely old frames were produced around the turn of the last century and some forward thinking people must have been into upcycling even then, as apparently they were made from old piano keys.

l hope you've enjoyed the "boudoir" pics:-) lsn't it amazing how just putting a few different linens on the bed can completely transform the appearance of your room. The damask doona cover in the first pic was overdyed with Rit (teal) dye...the mismatched pillowcases were also dyed in the same colour, but not the same dye lot. The pink cut velvet quilt was an opshop find and the pink cushion was made to match.

bellanottelinens..............Sweet and lovely Springtime linens.

Thanks so much for stopping by.....wishing you all a relaxed, happy and most of all safe Easter break...
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pretty China Salvage.

 l think most of us can relate to a bit of a weakness for old bits of china....

The pheasant plate (below) was found at the market and the matching cup and saucer (above) l found at a garage sale the following weekend which was just a bit weird since l'd never seen that pattern before and here were matching pieces two weeks in's like they all wanted to be together:-))

Mixing a little old with a little new. Ladybird cup and saucer were made by the Franz company which was established in San Francisco in 2002 by Francis Chen, who was inspired by nature to produce his artistic range of porcelain and jewellery.

Even though the china patterns are quite different from each other and have been collected over a long time, the pieces somehow seem to work in a mismatchy way. (Or am l just pattern challenged:-)
 SO cute.... bluebird pattern china with matching embroidered tablecloth. The bluebird motif was the height of fashion around 1920, you may have seen the bluebird necklaces or brooches from this time as well...the china's not something you see around much, but l've seen it listed on ebay.
There was also a revival of the bluebird pattern around 1970.

Awesome collection.
Aren't these amazing.... rare old fortune telling cups.
Tasseography is the name for the art of reading tea do this you need to make a teapot of tea using loose tealeaves, after you've drunk the tea, you may be asked to swirl or shake the cup to reveal a pattern and then the reader is supposedly able to foretell your future by reading the shapes of these more here.

The four pics above are from thevintagetable. via my daughter's pinterest page.
Another weekend coming up, hope you have lots of good stuff planned, the weeks are flying as usual....thanks so much for stopping by.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shabby Pink Summer.

A few outdoor Summery pics and l hope you also enjoy reading a few tips l came up with for decorating with vintage finds, (most of them learnt the hard way:-)) and if you'd like to read some vintage shopping tips you can find them here and here
1.Be specific....Know what "look" you're after, whether it be Frenchy, Shabby, Scandy, Beachy....or any combination of these, (or something else completely). That way you'll only bring home things that fit YOUR style....there's a hell of a lot of old tat out there just begging to be hauled home by the unsuspecting novice:-) l should know l've done it plenty haha... so defining and refining certainly helps narrow down what you KNOW will work best in your space. Having only the things that truly reflect what we're about, makes for a more individual, and cohesive look. 
2. Be my experience it's best not to be bringing home things that don't work unless you (or someone) is motivated to fix it. Cupboard doors that don't shut, latches that don't catch, sofa's or chairs that need upholstering or bits that need replacing, all require time and skill.....otherwise we just end up with rooms and garages full of crap we'll NEVER use.....Of course if you can change or alter it so it serves a purpose then that's great, projects are a fantastic way to stretch our skills and imagination, as long as we know for SURE we'll get to do them.
 3. Be restrained....Having a similar colour palette throughout our interior walls gives a more contemporary and unified look to our spaces, each room will flow naturally and easily from one to another and it also gives our eyes somewhere to rest which is important if our collections are a bit chaotic, colourful or hotch potch:-))

 4. Mix old with new....some of the most striking rooms seem to have a lovely balance of contemporary pieces mixed in with the vintage. This doesn't necessarily mean NEW...(hell almost everything l own is vintage), but it just looks more interesting and "now" if at least some of the things in the room are modern and funky. The addition of vintage relaxes everything and just takes the seriousness out of it all....and we DO want to have fun with our decorating...It offers a more comfy, user friendly way to live in our spaces, not only for us, but our family, friends and pets as well. 


5. Keep it's not ideal to allow our collections to grow out of  control, especially those we display. This doesn't mean never adding to them after they're a certain size, but if we apply the one in and one out rule, or sell on, or trade off pieces that no longer appeal (so much), our collections will remain far more manageable into the future. When fashions and trends change in a few months or years we might want to collect something else entirely and don't want to be stuck trying to get rid of oodles of things that no longer suit our taste or space.... even the most loved collections tend to grow old and stagnant, so rotate your collections, move them around and renew them every so often so they remain fresh and vibrant. 
6. Special considerations.....having said all of that, there will always be those star pieces we collect or inherit that are FOREVER keeps....those that truly resonate with our heart, whether it just be totally beautiful, sentimental or lovingly handmade. These are our future family heirlooms, along with their stories and memories that we can pass from one generation to the next, creating a sense of history for our loved ones for many years to come.

Forever New top with beaded ruffled sleeves......hope l get to wear it before the weather turns cold:-)
Stunning casual Summer catwalk looks from Roberto Cavalli.
 Well that's it for now.....have a wonderful rest of your week, thanks so much for stopping by.
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

New, Old and Antique

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend..... a bit of a mixed bag of photo's for you today, a whole lot of random's l've taken lately.

Old singer sewing machine drawers l bought at the market ($20), they were pretty rough when l found them, but was happy enough with them once they'd been mended, sanded and painted. l totally forgot to take a before pic as usual....but just think, dark and brown :-)

My ruffled bedskirt arrived from the States a couple of weeks ago and l was THAT excited to put it on the bed and see how it looked....PRETTY....

 Pink (my fave) Florentine tray l found while at my daughter's in Adelaide. The crown compact was bought at an opshop on the way home. Hubby patiently? waited outside while l had a quick? browse...haha!!
The art nouveau glass (circa 1900) was found at the opshop for just 10 cents....l love it. The barbola mirror had a couple of missing and broken flowers so l glued on a few matching porcelain roses l had to make it look complete again.  
Rachel Ashwell shabby lovely. 
Awsome bag, hardly grey scarf from Cotton On, love the bit of fluro pink in the tassels.

It's Begonia Festival weekend in our town.....three days of events including an antique fair. Of course l went and checked it out this morning. The stallholders kindly let me take some pics of their stunning French Jumeau dolls. The  flower seller and the doll group are automotan's which the stallholder wound up so we could see them moving.

A new splattered painting l did for the art show which is also on this weekend. 
It was fitting l should find these old wedding cake toppers since hubby and l celebrated 30 years of marriage this week.....yeh l was a child bride....hahaha..
Our children sent us to the coast for the weekend as an anniversary present and this is the early morning sunrise captured on my iphone from the balcony where we stayed.
Thanks kiddo's we loved it...... 
Anyway....hope you enjoyed the post....thanks so much for stopping by.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

One More For The Road.

Last weekend hubby and l did a road trip to Adelaide (600 ks away) to visit our daughter. Usually it's her who comes to visit us and when l think about it, l guess she has to blend in with OUR usual routine.....but it was a different ballgame staying at her place and blending in with HER routine and as it turned out she had quite a bit planned for us. First up she and her partner had booked us in for dinner as it was Valentines day when we arrived. Interestingly they'd decided on a funked out...(not McDonalds:-) American style restaurant where mine and hubby's meal was served up in an enamel know the sort your Mum used to make apple pies in....and if that wasn't enough, THEIR meals came out served on a huge slate tile, which totally "floored" us haha!! After stuffing ourselves silly it was time to push on to the dessert bar.... a DESSERT bar.....something we'd never heard was decked out all industrial style, where you have the (dubious) pleasure of perching atop a two step ladder and where your dessert is served on a bread board.........not ONE piece of china did l see all night....not to mention my daughters' dessert came out on FIRE!!!
Apparently we don't get out much:-) 
The next day we were whisked off to do a wineries tour....something we've NEVER done.
We visited different "cellar doors" and they served lots of different wines to taste (free?) in the hope we'd get so drunk and hand over the credit card, slurring.....l'll have a DOZEN of everything......mind you it kinda worked....the wine was bloody delicious and a couple of bottles possibly made their way home with us:-)
Then it was off down the coast for a touristy peek at all the lovely shops and where a couple of opshops were also open...(my idea of heaven....hubby's NOT so much), we had a good old fashioned lunch at the pub...before heading back along the coast road and we were able to drive along the actual beach which l've also never was an awesome few days and we loved how much thought and planning went into making it that way for us. 
A few years ago l found a 1950's dress pattern at an antique fair and have been wanting to make it up for ages.... Finally got around to it, using all vintage fabrics except for the ribbon sash, l just didn't have the right colour so l had to buy the velvet new which is a bit of a shame.... but l'll be keeping my eyes peeled so l can replace it with an old one. 
Six layers of ruffled tulle in the overskirt. 

Found this weird little mesh purse at the market, like keeping your money in a cage....could be handy.
Mum's Sister recently gave me this picture of my grandmother....aged around 20, which used to hang in their family home. 
Interesting vintage room at one of the wineries.
Thanks so much for popping in ....hope you all have a great weekend coming up.
Til next time.