Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cane Papasan.

Since painting the garden room l'd been looking for something a bit funky for this corner, and when l spotted this cane papasan at Ishka, lt just felt right.....but of course that didn't stop me from pondering over it for a couple of weeks before l splashed the cash:-) It's really comfy and some colour was added to the room by adding bright cushions......l used some 70's daisy fabric to make the large blue one....(Garden room before.... here.)

 70's shawls were added to the chairs and tables for a bit of fun.

So then this wall was screaming for new artwork.....l wanted something 70's inspired to go with "the look" so l painted a square canvas which was then turned on the diagonal. l then drew a peace sign and trying to think OUTSIDE the square l then CUT the peace sign out, l added stitching and hung twist cords and tassels which were also made to match. Beads and bits finish the artwork. l like that it's different from anything else l've seen.
Detail of the 70's inspired stitching and  multicoloured cords.

This little vase was one l created yonks ago. Originally the vase was just plain....l added shells and pearls using Tarzan Grip glue and when dry the entire vase was painted in white pearl nail polish to give it a pretty pearl sheen.

By changing the cushions and table accessories to pretty pastel colours, it's easy to give the corner a more of a shabby romantic feel. 
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

White Boho.

 While l was searching for bohemian pics for my post last week, not ONLY was l finding lots of colourful images, l was really surprised at how many very pale ones l was finding as l was thinking maybe you guys might enjoy seeing my idea of the WHITE boho look.

 Floor cushions, plants low seating and casual wall displays.....Source.

 Cane swing chair, fringed lace and ethnic rug.....Source.
Morrocan style poufs, low coffee table and low slung lighting....fur and fringing.....Source.

 Fringed throw and cushions...woven baskets, ethnic doors and shag pile rug....Source.

Morrocan style light fitting and patterned rug and fur throw. Leather poufs....Source.
Gorgeous fringing.... rustic walls and floors. Shag rug...via pinterest but source unknown.  
Artfully painted walls and mismatched patterned rugs and cushions. Morrocan tea glasses.
Woven swing chair....Source.
Rustic wooden walls, heavy lace curtain, mismatched patterned flooring....Source.
Not quite bohemian but lovely faded colours and rough hewn flooring.....Source. 
Morrocan style birdcage and lamp.....Source.
Lace, fringing and low bed.....Source.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The New Boho.

l hope you enjoy the post today.....none of the images are mine, but l really wanted to share a few of these pretty boho interiors with you. Some are from a new book l discovered this week called The New Bohemians (by Justina Blakeney). Her images reflect a new lighter bohemian look that's a bit vintage, but with a light, bright, modern vibe. Her blog is here.

Found on Pinterest but source unknown.

Hope your weekend's going great for you and yours:-) Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Day To Create.

Last week l actually organised myself so l could spend an ENTIRE day CREATING, which is something l just DON'T do....usually l procrastinate any precious free hours away, telling myself oh l'll make that when l DO THIS....or l'll start (or finish) that LATER.... You know how it works, always putting things off for ANOTHER time, which hardly EVER comes..for me l think it's totally a GUILT thing, believing l should be doing absolutely everything else that "NEEDS" to be done before l let myself sit down and actually ENJOY myself....haha!!...l wonder if any of you guys feel like that.....anyhoo l hope you have fun checking out what l got up to on my free day:-)

  Although l DIDN'T make this 60's lace cushion l couldn't resist bringing it home from the opshop especially since it cost a measly $3.00:-)

So the tulle on the right is one of the projects l started on my free day.... you can see what l did with it a bit further on in the post.
A few dressing table pretties bathed in sunlight. 
My creative Mum overcame a rip in this bag by decoupaging over cute is it!!!
So this is the painting l started on the day and finished a few days later...Titled, Lulu in white string bikini. (Nothing like and not s'posed to be).... but a bit inspired by...Jorunn Mulen  

l need a FEW more creative days so l can finish these blank-ish canvasses....okay make that a LOT......cos they're not the only ones...hehe!! 
This is the tulle project finished...a letter B.... 
That's a lot of lace on that cushion.....all sewn on in a perfect circle...amazing!! 
So you there you have it....wouldn't say l got loads done but it was such a fun day l'm definitely gonna try and make it happen MORE often....AFTER l hang the washing, pop to the supermarket....hehe!!
Here's hoping you all have a warm and sunny Saturday, thanks so much for stopping by.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Garden Room - Before and After.

Hi there's been a WHILE l know, but over the past few weeks l've been busy making a dream come true, not a life changing, or ALL important dream mind you, but a GOOD one just the same:-)
For YEARS l've been SO wanting to paint our brick garden room but hubby's never been keen on the look of painted bricks, and trying to convince him that they'd look HEAPS better if he'd just TRUST me:-) was a battle.....The ceiling really needed maintenance and fresh paint, so something had to give....we discussed maybe timber lining the walls, having them plastered over, or rendering them, however any of these options would have been expensive and time the end he put up the scaffold (so l could reach the ceiling) and reluctantly let me GO FOR IT.......and FINALLY it's DONE.....To my eye it looks beautiful and hubby doesn't HATE it, haha...Hope you enjoy the before and afters. The colour is Dulux Antique white USA.


Now..... Tablecloth turned curtain helps screen the view into the garage.

Pretty woven baskets....mostly Italian and English.
This is the before...... showing our Christmas table last year.


Garden room into the kitchen - dining area....Completely different and a much more cohesive look with a fresh coat of paint.....

Pretty new pink 1950's frock.... a lovely gift from my Mum.

 Hope you all have an awesome weekend:-)....and thanks so much for stopping by.