Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just Chillin'.

Summer Post.

We're in the middle of an unusually cool Summer this year and everyone's been whingeing about it, ok maybe it's just me:-)) Hubby on the other hand is lovin' it since as a tradie he's usually sweating it out in 40 degree heat through January ....anyway one (kinda) warm afternoon this week l set up the hammock under the ash tree. l love how it looks slung between the branches even though there's no way l'd attempt lay in it....l don't know if you've ever tried getting into or out of one of these things but, one word springs to mind....TRICKSY:-).You could easy do a hip and hey... l NEED my legs.



Hope you've enjoyed my Summer-ish can see the lawn's still green, it's normally strawlike by now:-)....I'm totally optimistic for a HOT February:-)

Wishing you all a great rest of your weekend, thanks heaps for popping in for a visit.

Til next time.



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daylight Robbery.

Hi there, it's been a while hasn't may have guessed that l've been struggling a bit with my blog of late....many reasons, however l do want to persist through these not so easy times....l really enjoy being part of the land of blogs, it's such a creative and inspiring place.... somewhere too l can record this journey and hopefully be somewhat inspirational along the way.

l purchased some new living room drapes a few weeks ago and though l would've loved roller blinds and sheers.....for me they're just not a practical option during our chilly Winter's, being that the windows make up an entire wall of this room.... so heavy duty drapes it is.....l was happy to get 5 sets alike, in a light neutral. l made some tie backs to hold them away from the windows to allow in as much light as possible.

Each tie back was sewn from hessian (burlap) and then decorated with tulle and vintage millinery flowers....all in varying shades of white.

 l fell a little bit in love with this cane table which was bought at a country garage sale, even though it's headed for my stall at the Mill Market. My guess would be that it's 70's. The previous owner said it came from Bali with a matching side table, couch and two chairs... sadly none of which were for sale. 

Of course this fabulous wedding dress had to come home with me.....the gorgeous lace and pearl button detail are totally my thing. 
A new/old Buddha, what a face....with "peace" mother of pearl earrings. 

(Adult) son and l were walking yesterday and these gorgeous hydrangeas were growing through the fence, spewing out onto the footpath, it was a huge come on, who wouldn't......well l picked a couple of blooms much to son's horror....l had to laugh at him taking off up the road like l'd kidnapped the Queens' corgis....and it took some convincing to get him to walk with me again....struth... aren't we the one's meant to worry about them embarrassing us:-)
Anyway hope you enjoy the pics of my ill gotten gains...haha.
That's it for now. Hope your life's going well whatever you're up to....
Til next time,


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Twenty Fourteen, The Year In Review.

Happy New Year 2015.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas celebrating and noshing with family and friends:-)
A few days ago l went through all the previous year's posts and selected some (a lot) of my favourite pics to share, although l really felt like it'd been a bit of nothing year, l see there's been a few positive changes and improvements:-)

The New Year had me creating a white day bed in the spare room...Just cos :-)
l DO love a Summer post... and it's worth the effort just to  remember these warm days in the midst of Winter. Temperatures are quite wide ranging here where we live.....from -5 (Celcius) in Winter to over 40 in Summer.
Also in March hubby and l celebrated 30 years of marriage which was quite the milestone....and they said it wouldn't last....haha.
Lots of furniture got makeovers including this TV unit which began life as the base of a dressing table. 
A 1950's prom dress pattern found at an antique fair was used it to make this ruffled tulle number.

Red lipstick music bunting celebrated Valentines Day.
A vintage wooden side table got a blue makeover.
Found lots of  lovely old china to both sell and to add to my collection.
Around Easter l opened my stall for business at the Mill Markets, there's been some serious culling around the house since then.....which was needed, though l have to say also rather painful.

The main bedroom is forever linens always create impact .
From pink to blue.....

and new wall shelving too.
Sewed some Winter velvet slipcovers...changed up the tables and wall décor.

New paintwork on the dresser in the dining room.
Chosen to compliment the new paintwork in the adjoining kitchen...

 From orange/brown timber to fresh, light and white with a few coats of Antique White U.S.A.
Now a calming cohesive space....

Visitors arriving meant a do-over for the guest room. l painted some new artworks as well.

After a long cold Winter, Spring finally arrived and l wasn't about to miss a minute of it. The house was awash with flowers....

 Whether from the market, the garden, or snapped from trees along the side of the road, flowers are forever inspirational.
Sewed more cushions and created new vignettes...always chopping and changing, an endless process.

After years of searching for a new dressing table the right size and style for this corner l finally gave up and decided to repaint the one l was already using.....Made my own chalk paint colour and was happy with how it turned out.

l wish you peace, love and happiness for the coming year. Thanks so much for popping in to visit over the past year and for your kind and encouraging comments.
If you'd like to see last years New Years post you can check it out here and
the year before that here

Til next time,

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day is Here.

A Very Merry Christmas To All.




More of an instagram post than a blog post today.
Hope you enjoy these pics of the table before the family arrives.
Have a wonderful day.
til next time

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Cross Wreath.

Happy Friday......

 LESS than a week to go and the countdown is on, l hope you all get the chance to relax as we head into these final days of preparation, things are still pretty cruisy around here (though they prob'ly shouldn't be:-).....l might not have presents organised, food shopped for, or table decorations sorted, but hey l DO  have a wreath and it's always good to get your priorities right......right.... haha.

It was pretty simple to make, l bent some wire into a cross shape, cut strips of tulle and tied them on, and then decorated with ornaments...and it's  something a bit different from the traditional round shape.

Warm sunshine through the kitchen window....a few new pretties for my stall at the Mill and roses in the perfect state of decay.

Not sure how this nest ended up on our lawn but it's construction is engineering genius...right down to the warm and cosy polyester fill used to line clever, oui.... 
 This lovely tapestry was a recent opshop find. It had been hideously framed, which didn't exactly enhance it's loveliness, and l promised myself and "her" that l'd give her a decent makeover. So instead of throwing it to the back of a cupboard or my workroom (which is what usually happens:-) work began immediately l got home....(and so you see how l don't get the necessary things done:-) 
 l decided on a cushion since they're always useful and this would mean being able to add some interest to the blank (boring) right hand corner. l finally decided on a heavy grey lace with rosette bow, topped off with a bit of bling...
l added this pic so you could see the the fabric l used for the rest of the's a heavy damask in a similar grey to the base of the tapestry which l think works well enough. l gathered some of this same fabric to create a ribbon to go around the wall that divides the front from the back. l also inserted a gold braid at the back, to echo the gold braid and gold stones of the brooch at the front.
 Found (the other day) a few more old mercury glass Christmas decorations to add to my small (but growing) collection.
Mid 1800's Coalport plates found at the market...looking so NOW they could have been made yesterday.
l hope you all have a safe and happy beautiful Christmas and holiday season. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,