Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's The Simple Things.

The new Romantic Country magazine arrived in the letter (bill) box today.....since it's my favourite magazine ever and with only four copies a year, it's a bit of a big deal when it get's here. l made a cup of green tea (yep, that's right ladies- livin' on the edge:-) and sat in the papasan in the garden room where the light's better (easier on the old lady eyes :-)and had a squiz mightn't sound like much, but all those pages of pretty made me core happy:-)
A few days ago Mum celebrated her 77th birthday, she asked that we not make too much hooha (which we're inclined to do) so we all  just went out for afternoon tea, (which was delish by the way:-)....She's been hugely brave in choosing to go back into chemotherapy and this week despite having to sit in hospital for the best part of three days she's holding up really well, so hopefully we'll be celebrating a few more Birthday's yet:-)

l know l'm late getting this post up..... the photos were taken about 2 weeks ago so l should have posted sooner, and l would have.....but it's such a struggle for me to figure out what to write about...and l don't want to just post pictures since to me a blog should have a bit of a story, (otherwise we'd just use pinterest or instagram) but blog stories don't just pop into my head....Geez if ONLY!!

On the other hand......having a chance to fluff  and create some pretty pics is pure bliss and for the most part comes together without too much effort or forethought. All l really need to find is an inspiration piece or idea.... so often flowers work, though for these pics it was the vintage floral pillowcases that sparked the process.




This is a photo of Mum and me on her Birthday a few days ago. 

Anyway it's so lovely of you to stop by my blog, thank you....have a lovely rest of your week.

Til next time,


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sunshine, Flowers and Dress Rack.

So recently l've been thinking about all the connecting we do, and that's because the other day l got to cuddle a teeny baby, hug and talk with a friend who's almost 90, chatted on the phone to my daughter in another state, visited mum and made phone calls for her. Sent texts to a couple of friends and relo's, commented on a few blogs, read and sent some emails, and had my son over for a meal.....and l mean we're ALL doing this kind of stuff EVERY day.... it's amazing really, and l was thinking with all this interacting going on.... its a great opportunity to spread the positive vibes, and in my case re-think the grumping about things (like the crappy weather:-).....Any way here's my input for the day.....l hope these pics brighten and lighten up your day:-)

l found a proper vintage dress rack at the opshop..... l'm guessing 50's. They were selling quite a few of them and replacing them with new steel ones....this one is wooden and has copper castors so it can be moved around easily.....and l DO like to be moving things around:-)

Some of my old frocks....just hangin' round:-)

Blossoms from the neighbours trees that spill over into our garden. 
Love the cover on this book from around 1920.
Thanks so much for stopping by and l hope you all have some relaxing down time over the weekend.
Til next time.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spring Busyness.

They say there's nothing in life that's either good or bad, it's just our attitude towards it.....and Seasons are like that aren't they. Now l LOVE's awesome after a long Winter to have warmer days and sunshine...and FLOWERS after months of nothing....but Spring also comes with hay fever, and male MAGPIES... l copped a stealth attack on my walk yesterday that almost re-parted my hairline as it lurched in for the kill.....When my daughter was young l remember her returning from a ride pretty shaken up, and with a perfect beak shaped hole pierced into her bike helmet...!! Who knows it could even be the same magpie since it happened in almost the same spot and they live for around 25 years.

 The past few days l've forced myself to do a bit of Spring cleaning.... well more tidying and sorting really.....Way too much stuff has been coming in and not enough stuff has been going out but this morning l was able to load up the car and take quite a few bags off to the opshop, and l feel heaps better that it's gone.....There's still a bit of excess furniture but l'm working on getting that out too. hasn't been all work, l've also been dying fabrics, sewing and painting, and have also been out and about doing some non-retail therapy (junking) which is where l came across this fantastic set of Ralph Lauren scent bottles from the 80's. They're totally my thing but l was strong and took them straight out to the Mill to be sold....wah!!

Son's old room is now the guest room, white linens, and a few new additions to the wall for a change. The once white (and flaking) basket was updated with a coat of silver spray paint.   
This is a couple of the washy Spring paintings l did and a cushion l sewed.

Hope you're all having a great weekend whatever you're up to.....thanks again for stopping in.
Til next time,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blossoming Blooms & Budget decorating.

We Ozzies can almost smell Spring in the air..... pink cherry blossoms are common street trees around the inner city streets near where l live and they're bursting with flowers everywhere.....These days all the new estates are planted out in natives, which is as it should be, and great for the wildlife, but they're just nowhere as pretty as rows of blooming trees. Yesterday l took my secatuers and a basket in my car, l was on a mission to find a cherry blossom street and do a bit of "pruning:-)" 
Since Spring is the perfect time for a bit of cleaning, clearing and redecorating l thought l'd share a few budget friendly ideas to rejuvenate and revive Spring freshness in your house, and one of these days l might even try out a few of these tips myself..haha..
A good starting point to me is always's cheap and easy to master. The colour range is huge and makes the most impact in a space...the paint idea isn't limited to the walls, it's great to have a few cans of your favourite coloured spray paint on hand so you can do over your furniture as well...maybe a side table, dresser or chair/ might like to try some of the metallic paints. l recently painted a dresser white with silver drawers for my market stall. The silver came up great and very little paint was needed for good coverage. 
After painting, a bit of decluttering will make a room feel more spacious and light.... it costs nothing except a little time and discipline.  While you're decluttering assess your furniture, can it be upcycled or parts of it reused, or made into something else entirely. The kids' old single beds are great turned into daybeds or made into part of a sectional sofa by taking both bed-ends off. Dressing tables make great tv units, l've done this twice already, see here and here. 
 Next would be to Spring clean what remains and then add a few pieces to funky up your room. You may want to buy, make or reinvent pieces to make this happen.
See what's trending at websites like Ikea, Anthropologie, pinterest and instagram. or check out your favourite décor shops and magazines for inspiration. Hardware stores and reclamation yards are generally budget friendly and contain a wealth of decorating ideas.
Scented candles or burners can change the mood of a room entirely, nothing too overpowering which can just give you a headache, but a little background fragrance is lovely. Open the drapes and the windows as well, bring in fresh flowers or branches, or invest in some potted greens. Now it's time to pull up a chair and have a cuppa and enjoy the fruits of your labour:-)

Have a happy weekend everyone and thanks so much for popping in here.
Til next time,

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Monday,

l really thought as l got older and was doing less  paid work, l'd be just cruising around, doing pretty much whatever l wanted....when l wanted, but l'm starting to realise that's not about to happen...or at least not any time SOON...haha!!
l'd be great to tell you l've been out partying, kicking up my high heels and making mischief, but nah.... nothing that exciting:-) however l did visit my daughter who lives interstate for a few days and that was fun....anyhoo yesterday l had the chance to snap a few photos and here they maybe you're looking at them thinking....really Bron.....but's Winter, it's DARK and there's not a decent flower within cooee of my place, so what do you do:-)



Fabulous frothy frock found here. 
Hope you all have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by.