Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rachel Ashwell's Prairie Couture.

 Rachel Ashwell's  new book arrived here a couple of weeks ago, and her beautiful B&B in Texas is the inspiration for this post....(only wish l had some wallpaper) Shabby Chic has certainly evolved over the years....these days there's a lot more colour, loads more patterns and textures.... the photography too is amazing, but having said that it's all unmistakeably Rachels' unique style and vision.
 Each room in the B&B is a different colour and many of them feature vintage wallpaper. Her super squashy (mostly) floral bedding and vintage accessories make it all look so relaxed and cosy...perfect for de-stressing. 

The book's called Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie and Flea Market Treasures and if you're into casual vintage then it's definitely for YOU. 
My Sister's back yard is bordered on one side with lilacs, they are very old and have grown the size of small trees.....as you'd imagine the smell is heaven. .(on a stick :-) 
Pink stocks and roses, with a small print l found... of a castle by a loch. 

Also found this little beaded purse at the opshop, brand new still in it's box.....pretty blue. 
Sea painting with old enamelled bluebirds.
 My favourite top for Spring....lovely blue and lace. 

The 1920's print is called Love's Echo by Henri G Reynard.

This pic and the ones following are all from Prairie Couture. Can you see Rachel's also signed it in silver pen. Just above her printed name.....nice!!


Anyway l hope you enjoyed the peek into Shabby Chic:-)
Hope you have an awesome week whatever you're up to .
Til next time.


  1. what a very lovely post!! isnt the new book amazing!! i too loved all the colours and florals, so pretty and relaxed!! such a wonderful inspiration! (your post and the book!) I do love all your treasures, you have some amazing finds, and your sisters lilacs are gorgeous! We arent able to grow them in perth, its way too hot! so sad! enjoy them though, they are one of my absolute favourites!!! have a wonderful day! xx

  2. Oh you have new RA book too-now I was at Laura :-) You is happy woman too-enjoy your book dear and have a nice day!!!

  3. Are you certain you aren't Rachel's long-lost sister?!? What wonderful vignettes...

  4. The book looks great but I think I love your own pics more! I adore the gorgeous 20's print.
    M x

  5. Hi! my friend I love your home and the RA book is so great!!! Hugs

  6. Absolutamente maravilhoso!! As imagens são tão bonitas! Manuela

  7. Hello! Thankyou for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment! I love this post! I just received my copy of Rachel Ashwell's new book in the mail. So much beautiful inspiration! I hope you are having a wonderful week. Take care!
    Jennelise xo

  8. Hi Bron, I love your mix of romantic colours, fabrics and roses.
    Pic 3 ... the tablescape is my favourite because of your styling
    and the photography depth of background.
    x michelle

  9. Hi Bron,
    thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. I love the book too much too. Enjoy your issue and have a nice day Vlaďka

  10. Bron, I've been a Rachel Ashwell fan since the beginning. You're right, her style is just getting better!! I have her bedding (all in white). I live close to the Prairie B&B. I had an invitation to go and meet Rachel when she first opened, and had to decline due to work. Needless to say, I should've called in sick that day!! I have my regrets for being honest! LOL! xoxo