Monday, June 24, 2013

Wishing For Spring.

It's been a busy week here....and absolutely FREEZING, but at least those frosty mornings have given way to sunshiny afternoons.
l set up in the warmest, cosiest room of the house which is our north facing bedroom, to take a few pics.

 l've had to tinker with the photos....despite the bit of sunshine, it's still dark Wintry days.
A beautiful new book to enjoy by the fire....hey a girl's gotta have some fun:-))
French Atmospheres from Jean D'Arc Living. Very pale, vintage and Scandy chic.

You may have thought this floral fabric was a doona cover but as you can see it's really just a great length of fabric l found yonks ago... spread out across the bed.
It's prob'ly 50's and l've never known just quite what to do with it, but since it's so pretty, here's a chance for it to shine:-))

Pic from French Atmospheres.

Well the shortest day of the year is behind us and now the days will slowly start to stretch out, l've been busy in the garden over the weekend, making the most of the dry days... roses were pruned and the perennials cut back....The last of the garden beds finally got it's box hedging border. Lots of the scruffy, half dead bushes were pulled up and replaced, so hopefully in Spring l'll be able to share some half decent  results....we'll see :-))

Another lovely image from French Atmospheres. 
Is there a woman anywhere who doesn't love peony roses....although peonies were planted in my garden years ago, l'm still yet to see a flower... but hey maybe THIS year;-)) and in the meantime l'll just have to buy them....These came from a charity fair last Summer.  
More splattering.......another florally canvas. 
Lovely florally bedlinen from Romantic Country magazine, via pinterest. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay warm (or Cool if it's Summer)..haha...  Thanks so much for popping in here.
Til next time,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspire Me Pretty.

l hope you enjoy the couple of things l'm sharing today....this corner of our family room is one l've rarely shown, since this is where our TV sits... and to me, all that black is distracting in photos:-)) but as l was looking for somewhere to photograph my moodboard l realised it was the exact same size as the screen, so l simply propped it in front, prettied up the corner and took some pics...

The rattan chairs were part of a set of four l came across at the Sunday market but since l have nowhere to store, or USE for, FOUR chairs, (nor could l fit them in my car:-)) l went home without them..........

however.... l kept THINKING and THINKING about them... and yep you guessed it, after a couple of hours l caved and high tailed it back to the market....luckily for me (not so much him) the chairs still hadn't sold and he agreed to sell me just the staggering price of $5.00 each, a deal was struck. If the weather EVER warms up again l'll be able to take them outside for a coat of spray paint:-)) 

l've seen so many gorgeous moodboards out there, and l do wonder what the creative process is for you you have them sorted in a day, or weeks, or are you like me and often take months.
Mine's kept under the couch where it's easy to access, that way l can add things as they come to hand. Once the board's fully covered and l run out of pins, l figure it MUST be finished, with maybe a few  final adjustments..then pics are taken.....After that everything comes off, all ready for a fresh start :-))

Anything that long as it can be pinned, hung, clipped or tied becomes a part of the process.   

l also recently made some seed packets to store seeds from year to year.... poppies, sweet peas and cosmos are all easy to sow and  generally require little more than a regular sprinkle of water once thrown onto the garden bed....and what a show they put on:-))
l sometimes wish l could create a moodboard only in shades of white, or pale pastels... or in a certain theme like the ones at the end of this post, but l just CAN'T do it...l think the word random comes to mind...haha!!
 A simple watercolour card l painted in heart shaped sprigs of intertwined forget me nots and twigs of cherry blossom. 
The discipline of an all white board.....AND  desk accessories. Perfect isn't it...
Sweet bird themed moodboard.  Both these lovely pics are from Irideeen.
Anyway....that's it for today, hope you have an awesome and inspiring weekend:-)
Til next time,

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pretty Pastel Style

and Mini floral Prints.

Inspiration hit from all directions this week.... Selina Lake's new book Pretty Pastel Style was a lovely Mothers' Day gift from son (ok maybe he had a LITTLE help picking it out)).....anyway it's so pretty l just had to include a few pics for you...
In a bit of a weird coincidence l found the floral cake plate a few days ago and noticed when l was putting this post together that it's the exact same one as Selina's used in this pic below.....

Then l came across some pics of Rachel Aswell's sweet floral serviettes which inspired these  placemats l made from my stash of fabrics using three different colours of mini floral prints. The fabrics were simply cut to size and hemmed around the edges...two of the fabrics (pink and mauve) have been sewn inside out so they look a bit faded and timeworn.
 l also loved Selina's idea of using  embroidered vintage doilies as her placemats.

It's such a bonus having endless accessible inspiration here on the net to kickstart our imaginations....but using our own resources and talents to come up with something that's completely unique to US.....then in turn we can share around with others to keep those creative vibes aflowin' :-))


This is my favourite pic from Selina's book...vintage, romantic, elegance ......yet not at all uppity.

l've added vintage cards which could easily become placecards by simply clipping peoples names to them with mini pegs.

Vintage fabrics and doyleys of all kinds have been used to create this colourful display of cushions.

Looking like Spring....

A hammock work would be done that day....or EVER again:-))

Glorious garden room on wheels....a wee nap between pruning, weeding and planting p'raps :-))
Last four pics all from Pretty Pastel Style. 
l hope you all have a fantastic weekend doing all the things you enjoy with the people you love.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time.