Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas Day.

I took a few pics on my iphone of our Christmas lunch table today....not quite finished but almost there.

 My daughter folded the napkins into Christmas trees.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone:-))

Til next time


Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Week To Go...and counting down.

My last post before Christmas....though l hope to post a couple of the table on the actual day. l'm a little excited about decorating the garden room where we set up for lunch, since the room had a white makeover earlier this year (see here)...and is no longer red (bricks) and green (ceiling), even though they were the traditional Christmas colours.....they're sooo not MINE:-)....anyhoo, this year all will be light and white.
Lunch is usually here at our place with the family, Mum, Sis, Bro, S-IL and all the "tin lids" (kids), though when l say kids....l'm  talking bigger than the parents BIG:-)....We're hopeful Mum will still be well enough to come and enjoy the day....she's certainly frailer than she was a few months ago.
Each family contributes part of Christmas lunch....which is fantastic as it takes the pressure off my rather limited culinary skills:-)
No pics of my own this post so have posted a few of my favourite Christmas pics from Rachel Ashwell and Nina Hartmann hopefully you'll enjoy them too.

Struth.... it's hard to even look at this fire when we're sweltering here in Oz in 39 degree heat today. l'm writing this in shorts, singlet and bare feet with a glass of chilled soda water....NOT pretty...., but just trying to keep cool:-)

Some things you can only dream about.....vintage PINK santas, and not just one, but FOUR.....

OK....l found just one little pic..... close up of our tree this year.

Wishing you all a safe, loving and joyful Christmas Season.

Til Next Time,


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Peonies and Projects.

Happy December Weekend.

December....official beginning of the hectic, silly season... 34 degree heat this weekend is not helping preparations, though l did pull out the Christmas tree on the 1st and set it up, you can see how it looks a bit further down the post. l bought new lights this year, ones with silver cord which match the white tree a lot better than the green cord l've been trying to hide for years haha!.....My daughter and her fiancé will arrive home in less than a fortnight for a couple of weeks, so l'm trying to shop, clean and organise before she gets here so we can spend our time doing pretty much whatever we're up for on the day.... if l'd really thought about it l would have ordered all my presents online and had them sent to the door like the kids have done.......oh well there's always next year:-)

November is the time for peonies here in Oz....and the flower seller at the market had some beautiful
blooms going out for almost nix......only problem was they were almost finished so photos had to be taken within a day or two.....l think l shot them just in time:-)

l've also been experimenting making drippy candles......l'd like to try again since l was learning on the l made them was to make a plaster slurry and drip it over each candle....when it had set, l coated the entire thing in melted wax...Then more melted wax was dripped over the candles, making sure it also ran down onto the bottle.
l also used the leftover slurry to plaster and stiffen this lace bag l had pre-sewn.

My very pale Christmas tree this year.
l found a pretty childs merry go round at the opshop for a wasn't working at that price which didn't matter as l was only interested in the little wooden carved horses....l figured they'd make lovely tree decorations. l wound pink wrapping ribbon around each pole and made a tiny tulle wreath for each pony...then l saw Rachel Ashwell was selling little unicorn decorations, so why not add a papier mache horn to each one.....

Ponies before

Wishing you all a calm and relaxing weekend....thanks so much for stopping by,

Til next time,