Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spring In My Step.


SPRING tomorrow and l'm breaking out in a happy dance:-))

The flower worship continues.....Mum and l went for a bit of a stroll along the creek near her house and found these lovely blooms in both pale and mid pink. l risked life and limb to scale the odd fence to reach them, haha... but SO worth it.
 Blossoms are typically Spring aren't they.... them and magnolias....oh and probably lilacs:-))
Hope you enjoy having a peek at my vintage enamelled jewells....all flowers (now there's a surprise:-). l think they're mostly czechoslavakian and from the 30's.
Couldn't wait to see how these (peaceful)  hearts would look in pale florals and faded beachy colours for a bit of Spring/Summer decorating.........l hung them with some of my beach themed artwork.

.......and l have a wee collection of vintage porcelain jewellery as well...English. A bit chippy...but meh..


Pretty Spring decorating....applepiechiclife. via pinterest. 

Don't you just love these barn doors that can be (half) opened to the outside. rachelashwell. via pinterest.

Couldn't resist....just one more.....last one l promise :-))

Wishing you all an awesome weekend...thanks so much for popping in and to my newest followers as well.... thank you so much.

Also wishing all the Dads out there a very happy Fathers' Day for tomorrow....l hope you lassies  enjoy celebrating the special men in your lives.

Til next time.



Friday, August 23, 2013

A Peaceful Heart.

We've had a couple of snow falls this we do most Winters, so now that's out of the way Spring can come a little early and bless us with a bit of warmth and Sunshine ...PLEASE!!!

l haven't made pillowcases for years but there was just enough of this pretty patchwork fabric to sew a couple. l remember back in the day when Mum would make pretty much ALL our pillowcases from old sheet offcuts and fabric remnants.....they'd be all the colours of the rainbow and had a lovely relaxed, bohemian look about them.
l added some vintage lace and trim to finish. It was great "custom making" them to suit myself:-))
A wire coathanger was bent to shape to form this "peaceful heart" hanger. Fabric was tied and glued  in the centre to make it a peace sign of sorts.... l experimented with the fabric strips (tied around the edge) by lightly starching them and wrapping them (still wet) around bamboo canes.....They were left overnight to dry and when unwound the next day....TA DA... lots of pretty ringlets. 
The central bead has a painted face...with a bit of imagination she could be an angel with her arms outstretched;-))

Pretty Spring snowdrops from the garden.


Jonquils.... also from the garden. 
Stacked chandelier shades.
Pretty sparkly plastic brooch from the fifties. 

This was a great find in a bag of broken bits from the market. Feather necklace perfect for Summer. 
Flowers are perfect for any special occasion.
Let's hope this weekend's awesome for each and every one of you...thanks so much for dropping in...
Til next time

Friday, August 16, 2013

Enough Florals To Make You Sneeze.

If you're into flowers, you should enjoy this post......there's certainly lot's of them:-))
A few new pics, plus some "new" old ones from previous shoots.
A series of watercolour "wallpaper" designs l've been painting.
Floral paintings and prints l've collected over the years. Floral fabrics from the stash.
Pretty embroidered detail.
Hyacinths and roses from the market.....old ballet prints taped on for a semi permanent display.

Foxgloves and embroidery.
Pink rosaries.
Chandelier crystals and blossoms.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you're up to, thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,

Friday, August 9, 2013

Stick A Star.

Thought l'd share this idea with you....not mine, but maybe it's one you'd like to try yourself.
l found a pretty, shabby fabric in my stash and tore it into shredded lengths which were sewn together to make a length long enough to complete the star.....but first l drew  the star on the wall with chalk so it was the size and shape l was after.....The chalk simply rubs off with a dry paper towel. Each corner was stuck with washi tape.
One of my favourite latest finds, this silver plated has such lovely decorated handles. It's too bad there weren't any forks, only the knives and spoons... but hey l'm happy to mix and match:-)) 
A few more vintage finds.....Sweet porcelain heart decorated in flowers and aqua necklace.

 A mirrored sacred heart.

Detail of the cutlery l found....with mother of pearl cocktail fork?? 
l really love the idea of this transient wall could stay up for a day, a week, or even a few months depending on the display. l'd like to try it out with some postcards, or doilies....l mean we're only limited by our imaginations aren't we.  
My inspiration pic....from Sibella Court. ......Lovely relaxed ribbon star.
Pretty shabby and interesting. 

Moveable wall art. This pic and the one above. e-magdeco. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks also to my newest followers.....
Hope you all have a happy, restful weekend.
Til next time,