Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bohemian Royale


It's not often that we see an interior that evokes powerful feelings of resonance, however browsing an old mag from 2002 the other day l found such an interior, for me it's as relevant today as it was then. It seems the deep and authentic reflection of the owners' soul empowers it ageless and timeless. 

Charlie Green is a British born makeup artist and this post is inspired by the interior of her New York apartment, although since the article is so old she probably doesn't live there anymore. l've had to take the photos directly from the magazine (Elle Decoration UK edition March '02) so please excuse the not so great quality of the pics, but l so wanted to share them with you.

The photo to the left is of Charlie Green looking very much at home in her beautiful space. My interpretation is on the right, on the day l took this pic l could find absolutely nothing with a British motif , however the American flag Levis and the Madonna jeans from the 80's still fit the bill nicely. Also included is a antique gold frame, and mirrors, white rosary beads, vintage plastic bangle and velvet roses.

Individually these pictures would not have the impact that they do, simply because they have been pieced together so stylishly.

l really love the creativity of finding, styling and photographing.

You may notice the leopard print heels have never been worn (though l've had them for years), l always knew they'd come in handy for something........

Such a pretty image of the area above Charlies sink,

My re-creation showing feminine pink and white vintage china and rosary beads.

Her Jesus statue reminded so much of mine, l just had to include him. You can see that l've found some gold spoons which much to my surprise had a British emblem on them, which l've placed with a vintage ruby glass.

This pic shows just how eclectic Charlies taste is, also combining an Asian influence with her vintage, bohemian ,religious, British style... Whew!  Really works for me.

Below is an image taken in Melanie Greensmiths'  house which l sourced from
Melanie is the founder of the iconic Australian fashion lable which her and her husband Mark McEntee own and operate.

There was something about Charlies' style that reminded me of this image of Melanies' house........ maybe it was the leopard print throw.

l hope you enjoyed this post as much as l have putting it all together.

Til next time,

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  1. Ahh... Madonna and Jesus so befitting and actually ironically funny when you think about it. I think your pics and interpretations are much nicer than the mag ones. I love those Maddonna Jeans! Thanks for sharing.