Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mums' Place

For something different.... today l thought we could take a leisurely stroll through Mum's place. l guess to other people it's pretty unusual but to those of us who know her it's just the norm. Over the years a number of tradies have been called in to do various repairs, and of course whilst most are simply either fascinated or maybe bemused, others have been so intrigued that they've gone home to get their cameras or their wives.... and sometimes both. 

As you can see mosaic work features heavily, the pic on the left shows part of the back porch which is entirely covered in shells, mostly collected from necklaces and the ilk found at op shops, flea markets, and also donations from friends who wanted to contribute to this epic work of art.
The pic on the right shows the back of her house leading up to the porch. This too has been completely mosaiced. It also shows the steps which she has also completed and the stone wall she built to enclose the balustrade. Succulents are grown in any spare cavities.

Mum has been a collector of the old, beautiful and unusual for as long as l can remember.
This old treadle Singer sewing machine still works perfectly and is the machine of choice whenever a stitch here or there is needed.
She has a lovely collection of handbags and l blame her for my own addiction to them.


This is an old celluloid doll we bought Mum for her 60th Birthday, she'd wanted one since childhood so we found this lovely one still with her original clothes. You may also notice the decoupaged walls and old sea chest.....
l love the decoupaged vintage suitcase and the beautiful shawl she crocheted. The beads were added for weight and pretty.


Her unique style reminds me a lot of Robyn Browns' of Magnolia Pearl. (image right)
l think mostly they are people who are individuals, and whose thoughts and actions are unhampered by convention. Always and forever thinking outside the square. Where Robyn covers her walls in carpet , Mum will also be exploring new and interesting materials to cover any available surface with.

These crinoline dolls have an air of olde worlde presence.
What was once a boring 40's slate fireplace has been given a mosaic makeover, marbles beads and buttons are just a few of the items used to achieve this look.

A couple of pics of the bedroom. The walls have been pasted in old calenders that she couldn't bear to throw out.
My Sisters' painting hangs above the bed.

Mums' collection of perfume bottles takes pride of place attached to the wall of her small sunroom.

The garden has been transformed from what was once a bare suburban block to a series of rooms divided largely by  large trees and shrubs that have survived years of drought and more recently floods. Anything that doesn't do well is quickly replaced.

The image on the left shows the wisteria canopy that has grown over a disused clothesline. Glass bottles and jugs hang beneath and catch the sun as it passes across.

The image above and the two below are from Robin Brown's book. A bit of Velvet and a dash of lace. You can visit her unbelievable website here. These pics have been taken directly from her book.

 A large part of the driving force behind Mum's creations is her desire to reuse and recycle. Waste is definitely a dirty word, and although her physical impact on the earth has been minimal, her creative impact knows no bounds.
l hope you've enjoyed this post, l know Mum is hugely excited to able to share it with you, as am l.

Til next time.


  1. Wow!!! What an amazing house!! I could quite happily spend a lot of time there. The perfume wall is quite intriguing.

    I have the same blue crinoline lady with the basket :)

    Tam x

  2. Oh what a joy your mum must be! I adore her creativity and ability to step outside the box! I can see where you get your love of beautiful old treasures from too! Thank you and your mum for sharing.
    wishing you sunshine in your shadows :)

  3. Amazing photos and great angles Bron - everything looks a, so beautiful. Such a wonderful post. x Michelle

  4. I would love to visit such an artistic and unique home with treasure everywhere! And, I have Magnolia Pearls book, along with being subscribed to her blog. She also has an artistic and unique home with treasure everyhwere! Loved my visit! Have a beautiful weekend!