Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mother of Pearl.


After everything that's been unfolding in Japan, it was very encouraging to read a story yesterday of an 80 year old woman and a 16 old boy that were rescued from the rubble . Both still alive after nine days.    Amid all the tragedy....... a miracle story.
When l found this single earring many years ago, never would l have imagined using it as a sad reminder of ones that are lost forever

This little Japanese earring has been patiently hand carved with the little bird inside.

Burnt orange rose which (though l've tried to find out, l don't know the name of), sits inside a ceramic photo frame with mother of pearl necklace, that probably dates from the turn of the last century. It's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and l wear it heaps. l bought it a few years ago at the local trash & tresh for 50 cents.

Here l've changed the flower to white (Iceburg), it sits with various mother of pearl buttons and  knife & fork. Though the cutlery is pretty enough, it'd be useless to eat with. Also are lace gloves with mother of pearl buckle. A small tin container inlaid with M O P is actually an ashtray.

On the left is an Art Nouveau ring inlaid with M O P which l suspect dates from around 1880, it's worn on nylon hailspot gloves circa 1950. Neither of them fit on my chunky hands so it's just as well l'm not on the invitation list to that wedding.


l was really happy with this pic, it was taken at the same time as the ones above but l've just changed bit and pieces including the background. l've also been fiddling with the settings on my camera including the ISO settings. Not sure what that means and my chance of reading (or understanding) the written instructions is slim, but today l had a bit of a chat about camera settings with my Sister (who has a new camera and enjoys the technical stuff)...... anyway l was off like a brides' nightie to experiment. You can view her lovely blog here.

What fun l had messing around, just wish l'd remembered to write down what l'd done. Finding and using the super macro helped produce the clear image of the earring - (first photo).

Love the mother of pearl tiles. Would be kinda like having a shower in a shell wouldn't it. Image  from

Hot pink M O P inlaid dresser. image from    

Well my friends, be safe and happy til next time.



  1. Hello out there. Nice to meet you, and thank you so much for being the FIRST to comment on my blog. I hooted and hollered (and scared the cat a bit) when I saw it. I did just start so, yes, still only two posts. But I, too, pretty much think about blogging day and night. I loved the mother of pearl tiles in your post, but especially your idea about the shower in a shell. Wouldn't that be the life!

  2. You are a very funny! Ooohh, all the mother of pearl treasures, so stunning beautiful, so rarely found.... so sought after. You never cease to amaze me with the variety of vintage treasures you have collected over the years and thank god you've started a blog so I can get to see it all! Gorgeous photograpy also Bron. (p.s. thanks for the link also x)

  3. Hi Bron,

    thanks for visiting to my blog, its nice to meet you. I have been having a poke around your blog, its lovely, and we do have similar tastes. The ephemera that you own is really cool, and the mural you painted is fantastic!

    Selina is an incredible stylist don't you think?

    I will add you to my blog list for others to find you as well,

    Have a great day,


  4. Bron, You just pop on over whenever you want. I loved the site you sent me. Thank you. I need lots of encouragement when it comes to color. I live somewhere mossy and muddy, so sometimes I forget about all the other shades of lovely. I meant to tell you that I read your post about Monet. Lucky you! I saw his exhibit in my city and understand that late in life he was almost entirely blind -- and yet he painted vividly and brilliantly despite! So, really, I need to get over my attachment to mud brown. Right now. No excuses.

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