Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mantle Mirror Makeover


This week l've been finishing off a couple of projects and today l'm sharing with you the mantle shelf makeover. l finally hung it yesterday and spent a couple of happy hours "spramping" the bedroom again so l could take some pics for you.

You may remember this old shelf l bought for $10.00 at an old wares and collectibles store a couple of months ago, and originally it would have been part of a fireplace/mantle.

The picture on the left is the shelf in it's original state. To the right you can see l have  glued on a picture frame (either side) which l'll use as a focal point for some porcelain roses.

After convincing hubby to attach a small shelf over the top edge, l've painted the structure with three coats of Dulux Sago half strength. Once everything was dry l glued on various porcelain roses (using no more gaps) along each side edge, and as a final touch, add the roses in the centre of each picture frame which l feel gives it more balance.

This is the shelf in it's entirety after l finally attached it to the wall. l placed the "laugh" blocks across the shelf and add a porcelain rose at the end (again) for balance.

After much fiddling l elect to take away more than l add, the sconces that usually hung either side looked too heavy, and the bags that hung on the bed rails made it all look a bit cluttered. It takes a bit of trial and error but eventually l'm happy with the result.
We're thinking a bit of extra life insurance may be warranted in case it all comes down and decapitates one of us in our sleep.

This pretty, relaxed bedroom and dressing table shown below are from Via flickr.

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  1. What a transformation! White, girly and addorned with beautiful roses - you've breathed new life into it with your wonderful creativity and so nice to see the before and after and I also enjoyed the step by step journey of it's makeover. Love the 'laugh' blocks too. It truly looks amazing.

  2. Beautiful transformation! Seriously! And, I want to go home and go climb in bed...... tempted by the luscious white beds you posted! I actually have the Shabby Chic bedding you pictured! Aaahhhh! Sigh!!!!