Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conservatories and Garden Rooms


A couple of weeks ago on Labour Day weekend our town had it's Annual Art Show, it's held in conjunction with lots of other activities/events and it's a weekend we look forward to for ages. Each year l try and finish a couple of paintings to enter but this is sometimes a bit tricksy as it seems it's just Christmas and then the show, these are not the kind of paintings l can whip up in a couple of days.
Anyway did get a couple in and was very encouraged to learn that one of them had sold. l've popped in a pic of it below.
Generally l paint native flora of some kind, mainly 'cos l love it , and no-one else seems to paint it, it's great to find a bit of a niche if at all possible.

Acrylic on canvas. Flowering gum.

Since it's now Autumn and soon we'll be stuck inside for months, a garden room or
conservatory is one way we can still enjoy the garden without having to don the gumbies.
The pic above shows my Hydrangea showing off her Autumn foliage. 


The pic above shows the same room all spramped up for Christmas lunch.

When we first built our house about 16 years ago this room didn't exist. The area was intended as a courtyard/barbecue space, but after the first Summer we knew that wasn't going to work, we almost fried ourselves out there. It took some time but we finally decided on building the entire area in. It has triangular windows each end to allow the Northern sun to enter, as well as 2 skylights. A couple of years ago we also put in a wood heater, we used to close the area off in the Winter but now it can be enjoyed year round.


The English style conservatory seems to be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a conservatory "look" so l began my search for images there. l found these beautiful examples at or

Can you believe another week has disappeared, soon be Easter.

Til next time, thanks for dropping by,


  1. Bron, no wonder your painting was snapped up immediately... the colours are beautiful and I especially love the way you've interpreted the whispy delicate softness of the gumnut flowers. Your're so very talented. I like what you've done in your garden room with the display of glass vases and vines - Mona looks quite at home too!

  2. I like all the pictures which are posted here but I like the picture of "monalisa". The combination of indoor plants and furniture colour is amazing. The next picture is also look nice.