Saturday, February 12, 2011

Summer Garden


This week l've been out and about in the garden. Mainly just weeding and deadheading the roses, but even that has been so time consuming. Usually this time of the year is quiet out there, but with all the rain we've had it's an endless (but necessary) task, (especially if l don't want to have to machette my way to the front door).

The garden is quite large (about half an acre) and is divided into sections, not rooms as such, more just large beds planted in differing styles. There is a native garden, a tropical garden as well as English/cottage style areas, amongst others. The garden provides much inspiration for my paintings and given the choice l will paint flora above anything else.

Below is another of the  Australian native paintings l've done. It's a flowering gum and you may also notice the butterfly in there.

The full length of one fence line of the garden is covered in ivy, although it's a noxious weed and should be removed, it comes from our neighbours yard so there's not a lot we can do about it (l think if we removed it the fence would fall down). Having said that, it looks rather pretty and to enhance it's appeal, we've placed a row of lion heads half the length of the fence about 2-3 metres apart, (kindly gifted to me by a friend).
In this pic you may just be able to see the second and third head in the distance. l couldn't get them all in as the ivy is very dense.

Since there is little of Summer left, l wanted to do another outside shoot, so l took out some bright summery sarongs and vintage chinese lanterns (from the 60's). l've then hung the sarongs casually around the gazebo and strung up the lanterns. In the Winter l'll (hopefully) be able to remember what Summer felt like. Of course the minute l stepped outside it began to drizzle with rain, but l persevered none the less....

l had to put my peacock in the pic as he matches the end sarong so perfectly.

The garden chair holds a faux geranium in a terracotta pot, the beautiful pink sari is adorned in gold thread, wish l was brave (and tanned ) enough to wear it.

Below my Oriental Lilly is really putting on a show.

In the tropical garden you can see "Tropicanna Gold" canna lilly,(with the purple leaves in the background), and the common yellow type in the foreground. 

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  1. The australian native painting is quite amazing - I love the butterfly. Your garden looks beautiful and I love the bright colours you have used here with the fabric and lanterns... and the peacock! Wonderful photography too.

  2. Your garden sounds amazing! The bird bath is so beautiful. I live in an apartment and just dream of having a garden one day..