Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tea and Roses

Back again, struth..... the weeks are just stampeding by. l  hope you all had a great week and get to spend the weekend doing whatever makes you happy. I have a couple of friends who sometimes bring the stuff that they're "SO OVAH" to my place cos they know l'll either use it for craft, give it to someone, or sell it at the market sometime..... and this week they both arrived together which wasn't planned, but worked out awesomely, cos we swapped  clothes, mags and unwanted household bits so that each of us ended up with some "new stuff" everyone kicked a goal as well as had fun.

l'm really liking my table now that it's been painted, so thought l'd amuse myself setting it up again even though l only did it a few weeks ago......
Vintage pink plates with strawberry and leaf pattern, frosted glasses from the 50's are a pretty mismatch for the nuetral frenchy style dinner setting. 

Diamente cross napkin detail..... with roses from the garden.


You might notice the BIG difference in these pics (above) from the one above them. My technically savvy Sister has been showing me how to change the settings on my camera and what they do.....l can't get over how much lighter they are. (All the pics above were taken at the same time).

She also took this great pic of my Pierre de Ronsard bloom.

Venetian mirror and rose print jug.         (She also took this shot)


Yeeepppp......the tree's sprouting ballerina's haha...
Robinia tree in full bloom. Looks like pink wisteria doesn't it....

Mirror really makes a statement here.

Ruffles on Ruffles.....You'd be hopin it was in an anti crease fabric wouldn't yah!!!
myfrenchcountryhome.  via pinterest.

Lovin the mix of white bedlinen and hessian. sweetpeahome. via pinterest.

Just gives you that warm and fuzzy feelin doesn't he/she. epic4chan. via pinterest

Many thanks for stopping by.
Til next time.



  1. bron your home is so amazing, (we've nicknamed it the castle everyone!) you have so many beautiful collected treasures and lovely things that you have upcylcled and repurposed. I wish your readers could see it all... they be fascinated and literally amazed.
    by the way... I love your table styling and photos.
    thanks for sharing (and for the link).

    x michelle

  2. So many pretty things! I love your dishes, and the ballerina in the flowers is adorable. Is the bathtub/mirror photo in your home? I just love that mirror but the tub is to die for!

  3. Stunningly beautiful table settings , plates , glasses and arranger 're perfect!!