Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Day Out.

Hi everyone ..... Well it's started  hasn't it, all the chattering's about Christmas, letterboxes are bursting from the "forced in" junk mail and the shopping centre car parks are chocka by 10.30, speaking of which., mum and sis had a day out NOT christmas shopping at Chaddy in Melbourne (Chadstone shopping centre) . It's about 2 hours drive from here, and what an experience that was....gawd that place is HUGE.

Below. Collage of shops, and lovely things to be seen at Chaddy.

Alannah Hill was staffed by (stunning) six foot girls dressed in black, silver beaded dresses somehow confidently gliding around in 8 inch heels. A little intimidating at any time, but at 10 oclock in the morning it's a little offputting, specially when you're vertically & youth challenged and maybe a little chunkier in your jeans than you'd like haha.. but anyway....... lots of pretty things made it well worth the unease.

Below. A couple of bits of clothing that wasn't to be resisted.

We went into Tiffany's for a squiz...only to be greeted by a couple of burly store guards, (one was a girl) who watched everyone's every move, as they 'casually' chatted away. Needless to say we moved on pretty quickly.

Also bought was this lovely 'Eiffel' bottle cos it perfectly matched this small one already sitting on my dining room dresser.

Burberry was so very English and completely full of WINTER clothes, coats, hats, gloves and the like....l know Melbourne's cold but SERIOUSLY people, it IS almost Summer.

Well l guess for cityites visiting these centres is everyday ho hum.... but for this countryish girl it was awesome and l was wishing the day would never end.

Below. Hope you enjoy these few pics l took recently.

Below. Out in the garden...concrete angel with lace and blooms

Below. Lovin this bottle display from via pinterest.

Below. Vintage Coty packaging and old perfume bottles from my blogfile.

Below. Mosaiced torso, beads and beaded items.(blogfile).


Hope you've enjoyed sharing part of our fun day away and thanks for stopping by.

Til next time,



  1. Lovely photos bron and a reminder of a wonderful day out.
    Especially love the pics with the blue bottles, glassware, roses and feathers. The colours look amazing together!

  2. Lovely blog and beautiful pictures!!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet comment.
    I am a new follower
    Enjoy your day
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  3. Love the tray and bottles. Thanks for stopping by my blog..............judy

  4. Hi Bron, nice to `meet` you and thank you so much for stopping by mine and leaving your lovely comments. Your blog is very pretty indeed so now you`ve got yourself another new follower!Have a good weekend. x

  5. As always, loving your collections and photos. Love the collection of Coty packaging and perfume bottles, brings me back to childhood memories. I'm glad you got to visit the Tiffany store, even though it was quick. It's one of my favorites. xo

  6. Interestingly decorated with bottle - beautiful!