Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shabby Roses

l'm not sure what it's been like in your corner of the world but here the weather has been totally schizophrenic, rain and hailstones by the truckload, sunshine, heat and back to cold and that's just in a day...haha!! Despite all that the garden is thriving, the lettuces are just a few weeks from pickin', the silverbeet's rampant and the tomatoes are up and running.
The only disappointment is that the peony rose bud that l'd pinned my hopes of a bloom on was almost decapitated in the hail and rain....damn...maybe NEXT year.


l recently spotted a little gold perfume bottle in one of my favourite shops, and since l already had the paint (gold oil based enamel) and a plain bottle l thought l'd try and do something l painted the bottle (2 coats)  then waited a day or so for it to dry.

Next came the fun part of decorating....a religious pic from a mag, a string of vintage pearls cut to size and some diamentes for the neck were all glued on with craft glue. Finally a religious medallion was tied on with some gold string. l reckon they'd be a great idea for the kids (prob'ly just the girls) to make for their teachers....with a little help from Mum (or Dad).

l've been raiding the neighbors garden again, cos most of my roses aren't quite out yet. These pretty ones hang over our mutual fence into my garden and were just beggin' to be popped in a vase.

l scrounged around and found these clear vases in different sizes and popped a bloom or two in each one, and were then placed onto a tarnished silver tray.


Crab apple blossom in the garden...taken a couple of weeks ago.

Love this idea for a drinks cabinet.nskwood via pinterest.

Beautiful sheer curtains and more pink roses. acottageinthewoods via pinterest

Kitchen inspiration....... also from a cottage in the wood via pinterest.

More kitchen inspiration from dustyluinteriors. via pinterest.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Til next time,


  1. Another stunning post bron and I just love it when you decorate perfume bottles. This one is so fabulous and so are your ideas.
    The roses in clear vases, what can I say... but such beauty! So romantic... so very shabby chic and really lovely styling.
    What a truly gorgeous post.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Thankyou for the nice words on my blog, I love crocheted bed spreads too! judy

  3. I love the flower arrangement , a flower in a vase , also doing so , it looks just beautiful :-)