Friday, November 25, 2011

The last of Spring.

Hi.....thanks for popping in, hope your week's been fun and cruisy. Yesterday l actually cut up an old doyley instead of just thinking about it and stuffing it back in the linen closet. l decided on making a cross not only 'cos it's a bit Christmassy but also it was a similar shape of the beaded fabric l also wanted to use...long but rather thin.

So with the doyley fabric one side and the beaded fabric the other, it can be hung with either side facing out.
l've linked with Sandy here if you'd like to see some other gorgeous Christmas inspiration.

To make...l traced around a cross with pencil onto the doyley which was then cut out and pinned over 2 squares of fabric, the beaded (fabric) and a thin lining fabric. l sewed the cross directly onto both the squares leaving a small opening along one side (of cross) for the fill. l trimmed most of the excess fabric away and filled it. Once the gap was sewn up, it was trimmed properly.  A small section of string was sewn to the top for hanging .......voila!!

A couple of sparklies were picked up from the market last week.

Also a floral cup which was mixmatched with a floral plate.

A couple of blooms from my climbing rose fit nicely in this old cup.


These are the pics we took last Sunday at the open garden Ercildoune, a wonderful old homestead with oodles of  history, you can read more if you like.... right here.

Isn't this table and chairs fantastic....l would have happily tied it to the top of the car but damn it weighed a TON!!!


Beautiful chunks of concrete.

Can you also see the fountain in the background.... everywhere you turn is something to see and/or smell.

The walled garden is very English and smothered in roses.

Lovin' this pic l found on Pinterest from

Last Summer l took all this stuff out into the garden and took some pics, l see by the date it was almost Christmas which prob'ly explains why the Chrissy baubles are floating in the rose bowl, haha..

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Til next time,


  1. hi Bron, hope your week has been a good one.

    Love the christams cross idea, it is lovely. Thanks for the instructions too! I also love your mug, they are one of my favourite things.

    Lots and lots of gorgeous photos!

    Enjoy your weekend, we have a wet one here, bye, Tam x

  2. Such pretty things bron... the cross (how clever!) the photos, the backgrounds and ofcourse the the colours you've chosen. The blues in pic 4 are so gorgeous as is the jewellery!
    Ercildoune looks extremely magical.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely lovely! All lovely! The garden pics at Ercildoune are amazing. xo