Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Vintage White.

Well it's hard to follow up from Mums' "fairy house" but l really DO wanna keep it comin, so (just to be a tad contrary) today l'm posting the exact opposite.....from colourful house to white textiles.

Old textiles are definitely my thing so l've bought both compulsively and impulsively over the years,(probly not a GOOD thing) specially looking for age, detail and lace... The clothes are often stained and yellow but a few hours (or days) soaking in bleach brings them up like new if they're cotton. 
Above: Dress (tag looks 80's) and an old altar boys surplice? with a length of cutwork lace.


Nylon lace blouses from the 50's and 60's and on the right you can see the embroidered top of a ladies strappy frock from the 70's

Too impractical to wear but WAY too pretty to toss.

Beautiful old lace sleeves, vintage cottons and lace trim.

Ribbon threaded lace from mid 20th century.

Pale lace and ruffled linen - deardaisycottage via pinterest.

Lovely image from sweetpeahome via pinterest.

Gorgeous bed and linen (Magnolia Pearl??) .... also via sweetpeahome. Pinterest.

Slouchy lace bag vintagegirl-birgit via pinterest.


 My climbing rose has finally reached the top of the arbour this year ...... wohoo!! Now....more waiting for it to grow across :( 

Til next time, thanks a lot for dropping by.


  1. You and your mum have some amazingly beautiful things!

  2. Hi Bron, such a beautiful post. I loved the comments about you mum wanting to know how far away we lives, she is such a sweetie. Beautiful rose, does it have a scent like the old roses? My peony is up again this year, but no buds yet, at least it is still kickin. Did yours manage to flower?

    Have a great week, Tam x

  3. Beautifull lace and vintage textiles is my weak point..enjoyed your post thank you for sharing your finds. Thank you for your visit to my blog, much appreciated.
    Have a lovely week
    Colette- Afrique du Sud

  4. bron I love this all white post. All the lovely cottons and especially the cut lace.
    The vintage spools make the perfect accessory.
    Your climbing rose is a feast for the eyes!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Nelly, Tam, Collete and Shel...thanks for your kind, much appreciated comments.

    Tam.. No the rose doesn't have much of a scent. The bud on my peony was totally destroyed in the recent rain/hail storm..bloody shame so not gonna happen this year. Also just wanted to give you an update on the swap meet...its BACK ON!! Apparently the rotary clubs are taking it all good.

  6. I love all these beautiful images. I sell lots of linen, lace and whitework, mainly for reworking but I don't mind ... it's lovely that these works of art are living to see another day. M x