Friday, September 2, 2011

Kitchen Makeover.

When l began blogging late last year l was really hopeful that l could post twice a week for a year and up until this week, all was good with that plan......and even though todays post is kinda two in one, it's not the same... but life's like that sometimes....
l spent ANOTHER day painting at son's house this week, finally l can show the after pics....WHEWW!!!  

I'm not sure if you can see the 36 years of wear and tear on these kitchen cupboards..but believe me, they're a even l was surprised at the magic created from elbow grease and a tin of paint. These cupboards are on the left of the kitchen below.


The stain on the cupboards is sooo dark, and add to that years of nicotine residue.... it wasn't easy to get a pure white result. After lots of scrubbing, sanding, undercoating and layers of paint (four) at last all the effort seems worth it. The colour is Dulux White on White and is in an easy to wipe clean semigloss.

The knobs were also changed to a brushed stainless, they were kept simple in keeping with the style of the kitchen... That lace curtain has gotta go.

Just wanted to share these three gorgeous pics from  via pinterest.

A few weeks ago l was chuffed to recieve from Tam  atreasuredpast. the Versatile blogger award. Thanks heaps Tam.....though she may not read this since she is happily romping around England with her family at the moment...lucky her...Anyway there are a few things l need to do...Attribute the award giver and link their blog - tick... share 7 things about myself- tick... and pass this award on to 15 new blogs,( half a tick). So here goes......

1. l'm an early riser and hit the floor most days at around 6.00 which is great unless you want someone to party with at night.... l get quite grumpy around 9.00.

2. l practised martial arts (taekwondo) for many years and came to within one grade of going for my black belt... but quit to become an aerobics instructor. This was a "couple" of years ago, and now.... can barely raise an eyebrow let alone a sweat.Haha!!

3. l lived on the Gold Coast for almost five years and like a true Victorian...often got tired of the endless sunny days, hard to believe but it's true...l missed our lovely and even not so lovely seasons. 

4. When l was young l hated antiques and old stuff...til one day l saw a set of 5 gorgeous  ruby glass glasses etched with gold in the window of an opshop as l passed by, they cost $7.00 ... and l've been trawling for "old stuff" ever since.

5. l never listen to the radio and rarely watch the news on telly....

6. A bit out there saying this l know.....but l don't like Footy and don't follow a team, and l'm married to a (rare) man who also can't stand it.

7. I'm a VERY keen gardener.... when it's not too hot, or too cold, or too windy, or too sunny.....hahaha!!

l'm hoping that less than 12 months is considered NEW blog cos l want to award the Versatile blog award to some of my blog friends on my sidebar.
In no apparent order these are my blogs of choice.

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l know this is only 10 blogs but that's close to 15 isn't it. Let's hope the blog police aren't out and about.!!
So please just cut and paste to your blog.

Also this week l did a photo editing class at my local TAFE, just a couple of hours. There were only two of us, so it was interesting and we had lots of help. Pity l don't have the program they used .....hopefully l can get onto something similar.

The original pic is left to which l've added (silly) text... on the right l've created focal colour with black and white background.

Here l got to add spots of bright colour. I really like this one....

Feelgood pic of the day..... a friend of mine emailed me this a few weeks ago...she knows how much l love birds. What an awesome MUM she is.!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Thanks for coming over and big thanks also to my newest followers. Nelly, Maria and Kym.

Til next time.


  1. Wow! What a transformation! It looks so fabulous, so light and bright and so shabbychic with all the white. (Oops don't tell R!)
    Dulux white on white is a pure white with no hint of yellow or pink and it looks perfect... great choice!
    You have been so busy... I hate to think of the hours it must have taken to complete the kitchen - it's a huge job. Does this mean you're get a meal cooked for you???
    Congratulations on your award.. well deserved - your blog is so much fun.
    Thankyou!!! for including my blog in there too... most grateful.
    Love your photoshopped pics bron - the last one is my favourite too... all that bright colour!
    The bird pic I cannot stop staring at it... it's just so beautiful.
    Thankyou so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'll take a bit of time to post about it. I'm glad you admitted you're not a footy fan. I'm not either. And it's great that you walked into that second-hand store. It really is life-changing isn't it!
    Beth x

  3. Hellos from somerset England Bron! We have made it through our first week in Kent and have now made it to Somerset. We passed stonehenge on the way.

    Gorgeous kitchen makeover, I need you to help us finish ours. Thanks for the link back and I enjoyed reading more about you. Karate, nearly a black belt that is insane.

    Hope you are enjoying your spring weather, it has been quite nice here, although it poured with rain while we were at the Ardingly antique fair, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

    It's too hard to blog so I wont bother until I get back. This is my first chance to catch up on everyone which has been nice, so much has happened in the last week.

    Take care, Tam

  4. lt's so exciting that you popped in Tam and glad you and yours are having a wonderful time over there, lt would have been fantastic to go to an ENGLISH antique fair and the rain would have just made it more authentic, hope you got lots of bargains. Spring is lovely here with all the flowers but still bloody cold. Thanks much for the kitchen compliments and l'd be happy to come and help with yours. l could pop in on my way to Newcastle where my daughter is, she offered to pay my fare if l'd come and do her garden. What she doesn't realise is...l'd just go opshopping. Hahaha!!!