Friday, September 16, 2011

Spring- Florally Friday.

Until yesterday it would've been about 7 weeks since l had a free for me day. With hubby in and out between jobs (distracting me, {which isn't hard}) well as working and painting at sons' place...well what can l say... l had the place to myself and was like a dog off the chain, l raided the garden for blooms, and "borrowed blossoms" that were hanging over the fence from next door. l took stacks of photos and l really hope you enjoy my bit of "artistic" editing. 

You may remember a few weeks ago l did a 2 hour photo editing course at my local TAFE..
They used the free Picasa program that you can get off the net ...which l didn't have, but l ALSO got to spend a happy couple of hours downloading and playing around with the program yesterday.

It's fantastically user friendly which is great for people like me who only have the most basic of computer skills.
Above pic.- A while ago my Sister lent me her Tricia Guild book to read, and l loved almost every page so l photographed some of the pics and put them away in my files. It was great to be able to collage them.  (Thanks Sis for letting me share).

The program allows you to manipulate the pics in almost any size, direction or combination.
Above pic. Next doors blossoms in old apothacary jar. l wonder if you can spy the old and broken (but still pretty) moonstone necklace around the jars' neck.

l bought this old silver plated rose bowl at the opshop...mostly cos it came with it's frogger (the mesh that holds all the flowers) It was fantastic for arranging these camelias as they're notoriously contrary. Their large heads and short, weightless stems are a nightmare for the wannabe florist.

The latest countrystyle magazine has these florally Spring pics which were part of the inpiration for todays' post.

 rachelashwellshabbychic  Doin' it her way... Spring table setting.

NEAT girly pink workroom. andreasingarella via pinterest.

Fabulous faux... would love to know how to make a bouquet like this.rocknrollbride via pinterest.

Thank you so much for dropping by...have a wonderful weekend.

Til next time.


  1. OMG! Bron... what a feast for the eyes! Your colour and the flower collages are absolutely stunning, like something out of a magazine... only better! I love, love, love everything about this spring post.

  2. Bron, you have the most fantastic selection of colorful images, with great resources! Love the color, love love love the color!