Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dining Table Update

Hi there....l'm wondering if you're all as sick of seeing makeover in the title as l am, so today it's an "update" instead. l've been back on the paintbrush at son's place (he owes me BIGtime). This early eighties dining setting was a right mess before l began,  but of course l went gung ho into the job as l always do.... and didn't have the camera with me, so there's no REALLY bad before pics, but no matter... What you see below is the table scrubbed clean and sanded, the glass taken off, as well as the seats stripped of two layers of yuck fabric back to the original, which was the worst of all. 

It took forever to get the seats unscrewed.....if only l'd had a cordless drill instead of the old hand screwdriver.

The fabric l've used is a printed hessian from Spotlight, and was the only fabric in aqua and white l could find that l thought my son would put up with (definitely no florals allowed). Hessian is very cost effective but not very durable because of it's large open weave (though this printed one is better than the plain). l sprayed all the undersides of the fabric (after cutting out) with clear spray paint which will hopefully make it a bit stronger. After the fabric was stapled in place l painted all the raw edges and across all the staples (on the underside of the seat) with a clear acrylic sealer, which should stop the hessian pulling away from the staples and deter the edges from fraying.

I've painted the setting a very pale greige... in low sheen acrylic paint, (no name it was a concoction).
Any way you'd think that now it's finished son would be happy to sit THERE and eat his tucker.....but nooo... Last night l got a desperate phone call asking how to clean up the plate of spagetti sauce that he'd upended on his (newish cream) carpet (while watching the telly)....guuyyysss!!!


After  the setting was finished, l was looking through pinterest and right away found all these lovely aqua and white pics that l'm sharing today. Everyone must be on the same wavelength.

Perfectly co-ordinated dotty kitchen from chic-deco. via  pinterest.com

Love this beautiful shabby chest of drawers in faded blue. countryliving.com via pinterest. 

Relaxed outdoor living from hookedonhouses via pinterest

Gorgeous kitchen from meadowbrookfarm via pinterest.

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  1. Wow! The transformation is amazing. It looks so new now and so stunning. I can't stop staring at it. I really love the fabric on the chairs... it is so perfect. It is amazing what can be done with a bit of foresight and you obviously had the 'vision' bron. You are so cleaver.
    It's so inspiring!
    The pics from pinterest are really gorgeous to and I love the colours you've chosen.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow ..Isee all those sets and never imagined they could look like that!...Great Job!....
    Your inspiration pictures are stunning!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and I am a follower now!