Friday, September 9, 2011

Books,Bargains and Blooms.

Hope the week's been kind, at least it's almost the weekend. l've been thinkin' it's been ages since l posted any of my art work and in truth, l've not been painting a lot of pictures lately. There always seems to be some other committment or distraction..... and for me l need a large block of time set aside,(3 or so hours) otherwise it seems pointless even getting the brushes out. 
l've painted many murals over the years and enjoy doing them more than canvases. It's great the way a finished work can really change a space. My favourite room to paint is a childs room, cos usually it's a picture that's fun and is often something they've picked themselves. When they see it finished..... the face says it all.

This is a photo of a photo so the quality or detail isn't fantastic... this mural was done in a room for 2 boys, (the size is 3metres x 2.8m...ish)  Their beds sat either side of the mural so it was pointless doing a lot of detail in the bottom corners, as you can see it's just rocks, shadows and a few plants. Most of the action is in the central/upper part of the painting. l always use water based acrylics as they're less toxic than oils and dry nice and quick. l usually draw up a sketch for the client based on their ideas, occasionally (if l'm lucky) they will have a picture which l can use as inspiration. l like to make sure we're all on the same page for the colours. It's not enough to say blue or green, everyone's vision is different and the more that can be sorted before l begin, the less problems we have as the painting emerges. Generally they take about a week to paint, but this depends largely on the amount of detail. We always agree on a price before l begin.
You can see another of my murals is here. l will post some more over the coming weeks.

l took some pics of my fave finds from the past month or so.....Now is it just me, or are op shops getting really excee. It seems l have to really apply myself to find a bargain these days... and the pickin's have been a bit slim for budget conscious me. Still...l'm up for the challenge. This beaded collar was attached to a not so nice Tshirt so l unpicked it, nice bit of girl bling...$7.00. Vintage plastic bangles - gold and silver, they have an embossed flower pattern. Cheap at 50cents each.

Perfume bottles which l'll decorate and other bottles and jars....why...l don't know, but each one cost no more than a dollar, and may come in handy...!! 

How creative is this use of light water gardens. acquireboutique via pinterest.

This chocolate box was my best find and was free. l bought some jewellery from a guy at the market which was stored in it and asked him if l could buy this too. l'll throw that in he says.....arn't people nice. l think it may be 60's, and the label's near perfect.
The purple gems inside were on a pair of shoes, l took them off and threw away the shoes...they were rubbish!

A couple of old original paintings $7.00 for the pair. At least the market's still cheap.

l'm not sure, but l wonder if these books have all been painted the same colour. Anyway they look really

This is the jewellery that came in the chocolate box. Daffodil necklace and the one on the right is stamped arcansas which despite it's (American) name was made by Elizabeth Reimer (she was a Hungarian immigrant) who designed jewellery in the 50's and 60's in Sydney. Don't know what the stones are but they look a little like moonstones.

A few weeks ago l got a book out the library called Girligami, which l guess is origami with a girl focus. l had a go at making the shoe that was featured. I was sooo bad at it, this shoe is my second attempt and looks only remotely like the one in the book, but hey it was fun trying (ok frustrating as well) but with a few more tries....

Who knew books could look so good. Lovin' those bookmarks.velvetstrawberries via pinterest. 

Some of the camelias from my garden.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Til next time,


  1. Oh me oh my what wonderful things you got.I adore that pink Necklace what a great find and you are sooo talented too wow.

  2. Oh, Joy!... we get see some more of your artwork and I especially love your murals, they are literally 'out of this world'! It's the proportions, the dimensions and the 3d effects that I really enjoy and the colours are always stunning. You are such a clever sis. I am very excited as I see you have collected more bottles to upcylcle and decorate... you always make them look so pretty. Would love to see them! The ceramic chocolate box is gorgeous and so is the jewellery. I love all the pink today and the pics of the books. So inspiring.
    Thankyou for sharing, I really enjoyed this post... as always.
    p.s. your camelias are beautiful Bron.