Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Dance

With this unusual August weather (like many of you l'm sure) l've been trying to do a bit in the garden before the weeds completely take over. It's interesting and fun watching the birds carting feathers and twigs to and fro amongst the trees. l was a bit sad yesterday to see a young dead finch at my feet when l went out the glass sliding door, he must have dive bombed into it.....poor wretch didn't realise that's a trick you can only do once.

Also l've been "researching" the net and as l trawled l kept coming across dance themed pics (which are shown further down), so l just knew there was another ballet story to be told. You can see my other one here. Vintage ballerina cake decorations.

What was a little weird was that after l'd saved these pics.......on my very next opshop visit l found this little ballet slipper vase. The ribbon was falling off and the bow was a little manky so l replaced them both. 

The background is hung with all the lacy, tulle things l could find. The ballet vase holds a new seasons' camelia flower and on the side of it hangs vintage plastic earrings with red diamante centres.

Whenever l think of huge tulle and lace dresses it reminds me of what my Mum would have worn in the fifties, and the earrings above are what they wore with them. They were very cheap and the girls could have a couple of pairs for every outfit. Shame they must have thrown them out after a few years ......cos though l'm always on the lookout, they're really hard to find these days.

Love this vintage pic of all the ballerinas backstage.

Dream dresses from via pinterest. Ballerina photo is also from here.

Beautiful fifties costume jewellery.

The price of grace......ooouuucchhh!!!

Just thought you might like to see these fun earrings. Last two pics are from tywkiwdbi (not the sort of blog l normally go looking for)... but really interesting and funny....... Earrings are from licia beads etsy.

Hope you've enjoyed this little escape today, thanks for popping in.

Have a great weekend everyone...til next time.


  1. Hi Bron,

    Ouch! indeed, they do really look sore! Love your ballerina theme post, and especially that gorgeous pink tulle hanging behind. I also really love your earrings.

    Have a great weekend, the sun is out and spring is in the air..yay! T x

  2. Bron what a lovely post. I love all things ballerina and actually trained in my teens. I was a late starter and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately looking at those feet!)my bosom decided I was never going to be a professional dancer!
    The cake decorations are so sweet and what a coincidence to find the vase like that.It is very pretty. Those dresses are simply divine and Ohhhhhh you know I covet the fifties costume jewellery.That necklace and earring set are just gorgeous.
    The toilet roll earrings are cute in their own way too lol. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. :)

  3. Oh what a beautiful post! So romantic and your photos and styling... and the colours! Stunning!
    Love the tulle and the earrings are so gorgeous it's hard to believe people would want to part with them. I love how you have cleverly used the mirror in the styling bron... it gives added depth to the photos. The lighting in pic 1 is really lovely.
    Gosh, you have some beautiful treasures...but where do you store it all!!!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, we all seem to love a bit of girly stuff every now and then.

    Tam. Yeh don't those feet look painful, and very knobbly prob'ly a few broken toes along the great to have a bit of warm weather to enjoy.

    Helen. Oh what a shame the expanding bust line thwarted your dance dreams...what a bummer, on the up side you dodged a bullet as far as having pretty feet goes...All those shoes you can now buy and wear...Hahaha!!

    Shel. So glad you enjoyed the post, l too don't know how people can throw half of what they throw away....and the pics are just point and shoot so any nice lighting is an absolute fluke..Rubber walls is the answer to the storage thing...haha!!

  5. Hi Bron,

    Thanks for sending positive well wishes for our trip. Here's hoping it all goes well.

    I will see you when I get back, but I may be able to keep up to date using my phone.

    Enjoy the beginning of Spring, Tam x

  6. Hi Bron, I had to stop in and say Happy Blog Day! If you're not familiar, the Wikipedia search for blog history states that August 31st is our day! I mentioned you on my post as 1 of my blogs to promote! I have been swamped lately and have had little time to visit. I will be able to visit more very soon. In the meantime, know that I really care! xo

  7. Where is the vintage ivory dress from?

  8. I want to know too. I absolutely want this dress