Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home again.....Jiggety Jig

Here's wishing you my friends a wonderful, happy and safe easter. 
l put this couple of vignettes together in celebration..... all but one of the truffle eggs tasted yum!!    Yes that's right, l pretty much ate them all...

The market went well, and the weather was truly perfect which ironically was not a concern as a new venue saw us all indoors for the first time. This market is usually held on a train platform and it's often a cold and nasty wind tunnel, still it was great not to have to consider the weather. Lots of vintage bits and bobs were sold from our little stall below, and our adjoining stallholder kept us entertained with his tales of marital woe. Though his long suffering wife was not there to defend herself.... it was all in jest. As an aside his 12 year old daughter sold $160 worth of swapcards, so if you see any on your travels... buyemup!!

My computer has been in the shop so the IT guys could find some lost files that needed to be found (which thankfully they did) but while l was in there l copped a parking ticket, didn't see the (loading) sign and l was in fact loading, but of course try explaining that to a parking officer whose care factor is nil, never mind that he parked illegally in the driveway to give me the ticket. Arrrgghh!!!!

Hope you enjoy this little ballet theme l've got going on, l really enjoyed putting the pics together. Here l found some vintage barkcloth fabric with ballerinas printed on it. It's probably 50's. The ceramic slipper is Japanese and is dated 1983. The handpainted ballerina tile was a lucky market find.

These ballerina cards are prints of works painted by the French artist Edgar Degas. (1834-1917).

It was love at first sight when l spotted this (l think 60's) ballerina print that now hangs in my bedroom.

How creative is this little table designed to look like a dancer. By anna neklesa. source

This gorgeous image is from selinalake. and is from her lovely book Romantic Style.

Romeo and Juliet by Anne Lebovitz for Vogue magazine. source.

Thanks for dropping by.
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  1. Oh goody... you've been able to do your post. As for the parking inspector - didn't he realise you were loading the computer! Da!
    Now... where do I start with this beautiful post - Love the easter theme, love the letters and chicks! How clever!
    Oh and the ballerinas pics are stunning... the cards and especially your ballerina print!
    Thankyou for sharing your beautiful treasures.
    Happy Easter to you x

  2. Gorgeous pics Bron. Glad you enjoyed your day at the market. I adore your ballerina pictures and also the lovely floral china plate in the photographs.Those truffle eggs look yummy indeed!
    Have a safe and Happy Easter :)

  3. Hi Bron, thanks for my necklace wearing will be happy to know that I did wear the safety pin bracelet again today, although it is a little dangerous. Live by the edge I say..haha

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter break also, Tam x

  4. I like the 1st picture a lot! Happy Easter to you too

  5. Would love to have the Romeo and Juliet hanging in my house! I am jealous of your 60's ballerina print! I remember having those types of prints hanging in my bedroom! Love the photo mix of style from selinalake, so romantic! Would love to get my hands on the floral plate that is underneath the cards! Find the creative table to be so wonderfully unique! And, finally, I am so sorry about your parking ticket :( ! Have a BEAUTIFUL EASTER SUNDAY!

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  7. Oh dear, Bron. Truffle eggs. Believe me, I understand. Happy Easter! P.S. -- I also wanted to tell you that in an email to my boss yesterday I used the exclamation "Ta!" that I learned from you. Hilarious! It was the exact description I needed. I've also seen your sister use "Da!" I'll have to try that one out next. P.P.S -- Sorry about the deleted post above. There was a grammatical error in my first message and I couldn't stand to not fix it. Can you tell you I work at a newspaper? Good grief.