Saturday, April 30, 2011

For The Girls

Did everyone enjoy the wedding last night, what a celebration...... l was glued to the telly until all the choir singing, but then l found myself getting distracted and since the Chasers were banned from doing their (comedy) version, and thus entertaining us, l wandered off and totally missed the balcony smooch and people waving scenes, but l'm sure thery'll be replays today.

Well clearly l'm not a psychic since my version of the dress was not like the real thing at all was it.......but she really did look stunning. 

It's been a while since l shared any pics of my vintage finds.
Below are my faves for the past month or so.

l thought it was hilarious that as soon as l'd taken some of my enamel collection to the market to sell, pretty much the first thing that found me was this enamel casserole dish. The colour and the flowers, irresistible.   Now...........where am l gonna put it.

Another wool work tapestry,  this also came looking for me..... Just $5.00 at a car boot sale. l left it in it's frame for the pic.

This new and very fancy black frame was $8.00 at an op shop, It will make a great addition to a Birthday present for a friend of mine. (l'll tell her it's an oppy of course)

When l bought the Italian tray on the right l thought it was made of wood as it's quite heavy, but realised on closer inspection that it's only plastic......but still nice.

Today l've put together a little tribute to Australian fashion designer Alannah Hill. Alannah was born in Geeveston Tasmania (1963) and moved to Hobart when she was 15, she then ran away to join Ashtons Circus (can you believe that?) and moved to Melbourne where she was eventually offered a job for a Chapel St. (Melb) fashion outlet where she worked for the next 15 years, before she started her own "girly chic" fashion label.
l've long admired her designs and will pop into one of her Melbourne stores if ever l'm in her neck of the woods. My Mum, Sister and l went to Sydney last year and we visited one of her outlets there, it was amazing. l've never actually bought anything in her boutiques as her clothes are more for dressing up and going out and l rarely do that, but it's lovely to browse and dream. 

Last year l was fortunate to find this Alannah Hill cardy for $8.00 in an oppy. Although modern and pretty l've never worn it, maybe it's cos it's black, a colour l rarely wear......don't know........maybe this Winter.

This is Alannah posing for Vogue Living in the bedroom of her previous home in Armadale, Melbourne.
The bag on the right.........Melbourne Central store.

This is the dining room in the same house, l love the floral wallpaper and Venetian style chandelier.

Lounge room, pink  furniture and again .....the chandelier.

This is the bedroom of her Armadale house.

This is the dining room of her new home, the colours are so lovely.

Mirrored hall table- also in her new house. l found these photos on flickr, they were featured in the Age (Melbourne newspaper) magazine.  

This is part of her shop in Brisbane and the pic on the right is one l took on my recent trip to Melbourne.

This pic is also her Brisbane shop

Gorgeous fashions, you can read and view lots more here. alannahhill

Well it's all been very girly hasn't it........hope you've enjoyed it, cos that's what it's all about. Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Lovely girly post Bron! Kate looked fabulous didn't she.(I suppose I should be saying The Duchess of Canterbury now?)The guys also looked pretty spiffy.I wasn't convinced about the flower girl dresses though, they were pretty but looked a bit 'stiff'.
    Some of the guests had hideous hats!
    It was wonderfully romantic and lovely to see some happy news on TV.
    Love that wonderful frame but I would paint it a different colour. The tray is great despite being plastic.
    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. It was gorgeous wasn't it Bron. I watched it all, even the kiss. Oh, to be in England that very day, the street parties and bunting, truly wonderful. Lovely post,bye for now, Tam. Thanks for your lovely comments re. my random creations..hope you are having a lovely weekend, Tam x

  3. Ooh, I love seeing your vintage treasures Bron, you are so good at finding the that Alannah Hill cardi! The black framed mirror looks like a great find too. Wonderful to hear about Alannah's life... so fascinating. Beautiful pics too. p.s. I loved every second of the wedding too. Actually, I was thinking during it, of how your drawing above is along the lines of kate's sister's dress which I absolutely adored.

  4. I am way behind on my reading an commenting, forgive me! I can see the circus influence in Alannah Hill's style. She has so many pretty flourishes, but also captures the theatrical -- even the cabaret. I bookmarked her page and need to spend some more time browsing her shop for ideas. This gal may just turn out to be my new style icon. Thanks.