Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Glitz and Glam.

lt's been a pretty full on week hasn't it...what with the Easter break and also remembering our brave and inpirational soldiers on Monday as well. lt's been a wonderful time for love, family, and gratitude.
Now that it's over the Brits are adding  lots of excitement with their royal wedding, and today l'm adding to the whole frenzy 'cos the wanna be fashion designer in me can't wait to see the dress, and soak up some of those feel good vibes. 

l've done a quick pastel sketch of what the dress might look like. l can't see Kate wearing anything puffy or fluffy, it will probably be slim fitting with a waist. It may flare a little at the hem (so she can walk in it), and be made in a satin fabric in ivory. I think she'd love to go strapless but protocol won't allow that so it will have small sleeves, my idea would be three or four rows of pearl straps. The bodice and hemline would be adorned in seed pearls of varying shades of white, and have a long detachable train also embroidered in pearls/flowers and diamantes. Maybe just a 3/4 length veil dotted with pearls, and wearing a diamante/pearl tiara. I'd love to see her carry pale mauve and pink roses with ivory lillies in her bouquet, the bridesmaids could wear "Ashes of Roses" frocks. (which is a very pale mauve that has a hint of pinkish grey in it).
It's just not normal how much thought l've put into this, is it hehe!!........... oh yeh, ivory satin slippers with 2 inch heel, no lacing.. what if she tripped. Enuff..... l do digress...

Thought l'd add some lovely sparklies, a tiara which l bought from trash for $5.00 years ago. It belonged to the previous owners' grandmother. (Wedding)? not sure...

Diamante hair slide and large king medallion, couldn't resist it's over the top charm. l've never worn it, but now it's been useful. hehe!

l've collected the odd crown piece if l come across it. The crown to the top of the pic belongs to a spoon.

l'm pretty confident Will and Kate won't be turning up in these outfits.

Christina Aguilera and partner on Halloween ..... how cool do they look!!!
Source    but perhaps Kate could do the Tattoed leg,

This cute collection of wedding topper/dolls pic, is from dreamsintertwined

Some palace interiors for you to enjoy. This is one of the bedrooms at the Palace of Versailles. I think it was Marie's. The bed's covered in plastic to keep the dust off. Not very comfy......but practicle.

Part of the Hall of Mirrors- Palace of Versailles.

Just some of the opulence Kate will have to endure....sighhh
The Crimson room. Buckingham Palace.

The ballroom at Buckingham Palace.

The dining room at Buckingham Palace.

And finally for those of you that are a bit stressed that Wills is no longer available.


This has been a great post to put together and l hope you've enjoyed it too....

Thanks heaps for stopping by.


  1. Hi Bron, I have enjoyed your post and am looking forward to watching the royal Wedding, even though Carl wants to watch the alternative Chaser boys version, typical.

    Your drawing is incredible.

    Bye for now, Tam x

  2. Beautiful post Bron. Your dreamy wedding dress design makes me wish I could be a bride again! (I'd have to lose about 50 kilos and 30 years first hehe)
    I love your trinkets especially that beautiful old tiara.The palace photos are great. It's hard to imagine living in a place like that.

  3. Hi Bron....!

    I hope you had a WONDERFUL Easter break Lovey....! I'm SO looking forward to watching the wedding....I remember years ago taking the day off work to watch Diana & Charles walk down the isle....Can you IMAGINE what it must be like for Kate....??

    I'm GLAD you liked the dresses & I'm HAPPY to report construction has all but finished on the set I built with the wood I collected....If you have a mo pop by & let me know what you think....!!

    Hope you're having a FAB week....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Wonderful. Delightful. You are so much fun. And your sketch is fantastically beautiful. I am just knocked out by your artistic talent.

  5. Oh, I totally enjoyed this post! Your sketch is GORGEOUS! I covet that sketch! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Love all the sparklies too! I love sparkle!And, last, I never tire of palace interior photos! Yes, you tapped in to my fairy-tale wishes!

  6. What a cool post. I'm pretty amazed at the pastel drawing too... it is absolutely stunning! Gosh, can someone tell kate to ditch her dress and wear the one you've designed for her.. I love your idea! The halloween bride and groom... brilliant! Very, very funny also. Nice to have a good laugh. Oh, nearly forgot... the tiaras... gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing such fabulous things... Oh joy!