Friday, March 22, 2013

Thoughts Of Paradise

Has anyone been watching The Paradise series, on the ABC... l've been lovin' it...full of costumes, romance and pretty things....apparently it's an adaptation of  the novel Au Bonheur des Dames by Émile Zola. (thanks wiki). 
l gathered together what l could in the way of old hats and hatboxes...vintage dresses and gloves, laces and ribbons.....candles and flowers, to create my own mini "Paradise" (which is the department store the show is centred around).
Old hats smothered in flowers and petals:-))....which l guess would have been the height of fashion back in the day.  
All the years l've been vintage hunting....and still l'm drawn to the same old things l've always loved.... laces and linens or anything sewing related, hats and frocks which these days are becoming harder to find.

What an elegant time it must have been in the 50's and 60's, when ladies never left home without high heels, hat and matching bag (and lippy).....It's a different world now isn't it, and thankfully a lot more relaxed....though l'm not quite as relaxed as the young girls l see roaming 'round the supermarket in their jim jams (pj's)...hahaha.

The pink and white roses came from my garden, but with soaring temperatures, storms and hailstones over Summer, l was lucky to get a bunch at all.
These hatboxes are handy storage in my workroom....the top one l decoupaged MANY years ago, but still well remember applying many of it's 40ish layers of varnish:-)) The one underneath took almost as long to complete as it was painted top to bottom in small pansies and daisies (and varnished) to look like old English chintz china. 

l still have a couple of plain ones as well....just waiting for a makeover. 

The parasol has since been dyed blue but l want to experiment by overdyeing it pink to hopefully turn it  mauve:-))     
This is a pic of the "real" Paradise. BBC.
Here's hoping you all have an awesome weekend coming up....thanks so much for your lovely visits and kind words.
Til next time,



  1. Hi Bron, Oh, so pretty. I am in awe of your hats collection. I have only found a few, they are quite hard to come by up here. I haven't watched the show but thought I may like it, maybe I should. Enjoy our weekend, Tam x

    1. p.s. have you been shopping at our supermarket??hehe

  2. I love the store,Bron! Your photos actually look more like Paradise than the store! You ever thought about "merchandising" as a career? You have the touch that strikes the heart of fancy, romance, and dreams!!

    I love the era when ladies were dressed as ladies, but, there are those days when comfort (like Katherine Hepburn) is much more practical! The frocks you have, along with the hats, are just lovely!!! I sigh everytime you post photos of all the feminine lacy dresses and accessories you have! Such a lady like dream world!!

    Happy weekend, Bron! xoxo

  3. Really amazing pictures!I love all colours! Have a fantastic weekend too!!!Hugs Ala

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful and all the items in it. I could look at these all day long sooooo pretty!! I haven't watched Paradise and now I am going to be looking for it. thanks and take care, Darlene

  5. Wonderful post!!
    Un abbraccio, *Maristella*.

  6. Hi dear Bron!Love all your things on your photos!!!I very love millionery flowers and vintage things!!!!Lovely post ♥
    Have a nice day aweetie!!!!!

  7. Love vintage hats, gloves, and lace. Gotta find that series.

  8. Hello Bron, Thanks so much for visiting FrenchBlueandPeachyPink. I am so happy that you did because from the moment I opened the page to your lovely blog I have had my mouth open in awe ! I love all of those vintage hats and millinery flowers. I can't wait to see what your other posts have featured. I am now following so as to not miss any.
    Melanie :-)

  9. Ooohhh Wow!...what an amazing post. How beautiful!
    A feast for the eyes. Your styling is impeccable.
    Wonderful photography too.
    Happy Easter x