Monday, March 19, 2012

Random rambling.

This week the house looks like  rampant teenagers have been on a trashing spree...but l doubt even THEY could make the mess l see l've been repainting the kitchen, family and dining's still a work in progress and hopefully pics next time... but l tell you this 'cos there's not been much time to take pics though l hope you enjoy these few l've put together.

Vintage hat from the hat stash....l love that it's smothered in hydrangeas. In the foreground, lucite butterfly cuff with aurora borealis diamentes.

Found this pretty tin at the market yesterday not real old... but a perfect size for storing the smallest of things.

Moodboard from the back room.......Still don't have it all together but thought you might enjoy a sneak preview :-))

Found these lovely pics at  jeanne d'arc living magazine. 

These pics were taken ages ago and l've shown similar before, but l shopp'd these and was happy with the their "new" look.

Photo of a photo.Country Style   magazine. 

Just for a change of son travels to remote areas in his work and about a year ago he took a pic of a landscape that had the back section of this truck in it...."where's the rest of it" l ask.  Ohhh mum l didn't think you'd be interested in THAT .... any way long story short....when he rolled by again recently he snapped it in it's entirety for me.
Such an iconic Ozzie landscape isn't it.
Taken about 70 ks north of the Victorian/NSW border, near Barham.

Hope you all have a wonderful week...thanks for popping in.

Til next time,


  1. Hi Bron, boy, you have been busy!

    The trucks a beauty! The perfect colour and shape. We drive past one very similar just out the road, I always gaze at it when we drive past.

    Enjoy your week, T x

  2. Love these images. I am in the middle of painting our stairs. Why is it that everyone decides they need to go upstairs / downstairs just as I start painting ... including the cat?! M x

  3. Well, I'd love to be able to spend time in your sewing/craft room with you! I'm sure there's all kind so great projects just waiting to be birthed! Can't wait to see the newly painted rooms. I know what a chore it is to paint. So, I get how the home can be turned upside down until everything is finished and back in its place!

    I want that cuff!!!!!!!! And, your rose pictures are gorgeous! The colors are spectacular!

    Your sons photo is wonderful! I love when my sons share their life with me when they're away! You get a sense of what they are living! The scape is just lovely!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I like these old soda bottles so much.

    They are also my favorite for decorations in house and garden.

    Have a nice week.

    Lovely Greetings,

  5. I love the hydrangeas on the hat bron and your roses are amazing! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished moodboard too.
    The truck photo is so lovely and yes so typically aussie.
    Thanks for sharing.