Monday, March 12, 2012

A mixed Bag.

Hope you all had a great weekend. It's been an enjoyable one here... the weather gods were kind for the Ballarat Begonia Festival which is held in Ballarat each year. The antique fair is a highlight for me and l spent a blissful couple of hours wandering up and down the aisles there Saturday..... and as l did l couldn't help but notice how much collectibles have changed over the years. When l first started going to the fair some 15 years ago, it was all gold and crystal jewellery, chintz and carltonware china, carnival glass and silverware . Not to mention zillions of dolls and teddy bears, but nowadays l'm seeing a lot more retro stuff from the 50's to 70's.... bakelite and plastic jewellery, art glass and oriental pieces, so l guess even when you sell old stuff it has to be old stuff people WANT...Any way... just an observation..

l spent some down time last week making this bag. l was thinking it'd be nice to get the doyleys out the cupboards and off the tables and turn them into something a bit funkier. The bag (above) is what l decided to construct. The bag itself is made from a supper cloth (lace edged) folded in half. Then all the doyleys were sewn on.... just a little around the centres so that the lace would hang willy nilly. Didn't want anything too fussy. Popped a drawstring around the top and attached another doyley at the top to form a flap.....but it just may be too white....????

 Today as promised l'm fulfilling my obligations in accepting the Leibster award. This means thanking the person who awarded it and linking back to them. (Thanks again to the lovely TAM over at a treasuredpast for awarding it to me).
Then l have to tag 5 blogs l love that have under a hundred followers.....So (after some fun research) here's my list.

1. Shel at mdinteriordesign For anything you want to know about colour, and beautiful photography.
2. Shelly at LUSH for her gorgeous fashion and interiors ideas...she's also an awesome blog buddy.
3 .mymanymoments. who shares beautiful interiors and tells a lovely story about adopting a child.
4 Karen at Only things l love. who shares her fantastic travel pics and also has gorgeous interiors pics.
5. Simone and Bec over at melbourne vintage girl. jam packed with awesome, interesting finds.
Then l need to let all the recipients know about their selection.

Yep the white had to go.......way too impractical for a cloth bag........ so decided to dye it. Since l'm very much a jeans person l figured denim blue would work well. l bought a packet of Rit  and it worked a treat. Just dissolve the dye in boiling water, then add enough warm water to cover and stir.  Pop the item in and leave for half an hour, rinse well when you get it out..dry it and voila!!!

Here you can see where l've not been too fussy about the doylies being sewn on properly.

Blue jeans white shirt and slouchy bag.... Good market gear....

Here l was wearing a good white Tshirt when l dyed the bag.....and even though l KNEW l should go and get changed l DIDNT..... so when l got splashed.... l just threw the bloody thing into the dye. At least it matches now :-))
The Sunday market was great this morning. l'm pretty sure this book's already a movie, but DO love to read.

Also found this new retro style T-towel.......Little angel cup.

A pic l took ages ago but have'nt shown. Vintage clothing with roses.
And a few other pics l put together.

Now for a couple of Pinterest Pretties. Lots of vintage hats 

Sewing room vignette.

Flowers from last Spring......on my window ledge.

Hope you enjoy these pretties l put together.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful week,

Til next time,



  1. Your blog ist soo wonderful.
    Sorry. my english is not so good.


  2. I love your bag and it looks fab in that gorgeous shade of denim blue. Sooo funny that you threw your T-shirt in too! M x

  3. Wow! Thankyou so much for the award & the under 100 followers is so true! but... that may all change now thanks to you!

    The bag bron... when I first saw it in the white I thought is was so beautiful but then... in blue it was even more so. You are so clever!

    Your upcycling is one of my most favourite parts of your blog.

    I really love your last photo too... the flowers on your window sill... that is really special.

    Thanks for sharing all your treasures... it's so nice to look at such pretty things.

    Have a great week.
    x michelle

  4. Hi Bron! Thank you so much! I am very honored to receive the Leibster award. I am overwhelmed actually! My focus in blogging is just to release my need to be a bit free with my self and to cultivate friendship. I never gave thought to receiving any recognition. However, I am just ever so humbled. Thank you so much! I will be posting my "THANK YOU" (link back) and passing on the honor! And, you know how much I adore (you) your blog! Vintageandart (!!!

  5. By the way, blue jeans, white shirt, and favorite bag is also a favorite of mine. I am loving the white shirt, it looks romantic or bohemian. Love it!!!

  6. Hi Bron, the doiley bag is gorgeous and will look lovely with your jeans and the tshirt is the perfect shade of blue don't you think? The little cup cupid cup is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the links to your fav blogs, I am off to have a wonder around. Enjoy your weeks end, Tam x

  7. Congratulations on the award...well deserved - you have a gorgeous blog!
    Country Style Chic

  8. Hello!!! Thanks so much for your award, and sorry it has taken so long to accept it.. We have loved having a read over your blog and perhaps in the not to distant future our paths will cross in the pursuit of some fabulous vintage finds! Simone and Bec xx

  9. This blue so very,very nice!!!

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