Friday, December 9, 2011

Weeks have Wings.

Hi....l hope you've all had a wonderful and productive week....l guess most of the kids have started holidays and although busy, at least it allows for a break in the usual routine rush. It's been a better week here.....many thanks for your kind comments and visits which CHEERED me up LOTS.

As PURPLE tree..... l've decorated in shades of pink, blue, green and silver with mostly balls. For a long time l had a white tree which l loved  but was having to replace it almost yearly as the limbs would turn yellow during storage. 

Thought l'd turn this vintage Mambo skirt into a bag. All that had to be done was to join the two hem seams together. l added a piece of gathered lace inserted into the seam as l sewed but this could easily be left out.  
An old scarf was threaded throught the belt loops to use as a handle.... too easy....

Some pics of pretty things gathered from around the house


Flowers of course.....always important. My foxgloves are almost finished.

Penstemons in apothocary jars.

Vintage embroidered linens..with all the work that goes into them l don't know how anyone could throw them out. They also remind me of my grandmother who apparently was a keen embroiderer, stitching away by lamplight. 

Wouldn't this make the perfect little girls room. nadafarmlife. via pinterest.

Lovin this use of old linens. curioussofa. via pinterest.

 Shabby pretty. via pinterest.

Have an awesome's hopin' this warmer weather holds out.

Til next time.



  1. Hi Bron, the purple tree is gorgeous as I knew it would be. 20 cents for the mercury glass garland is a steal!

    How cool is the bag, you have the best ideas ever!

    I missed my foxgloves and hollyhocks this year, but there is always next. Hope the weather holds out, our is looking a little wet.

    Enjoy the weekend, Tam x

  2. Oops!! Thanks for the heads up Tam....l've just gone in and edited hollyhocks to foxgloves....hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Wow... what a beautiful post!

    The vintage mercury glass balls... an absolute treasure! They look wonderful teamed them with the silvers and mirror

    I love the bag you've made... so clever and it looks perfect holding the pink hydrangea.

    Bron the flowers with the greys and apothecary jars is so beautiful! In pic 4 of these the photograpy and styling is stunning and nearly took my breath away!

    I really enjoyed this post - I'm going back to stare at pic 4 again now!

    Thankyou for sharing.