Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Closer.

Hi ......l hope all your festive preparations are going well. There's been a small buzz of excitement around here this week as the post delivery van roars up our street. Hubby and l both ordered our pressies online, so he's been hovering around waiting for his motorbike helmet to arrive. Yesterday when the driver FINALLY pulled into our driveway he almost tackled him to the ground to wrestle the parcel from his hands.... sadly it was all wasted energy. There were the towels that l'd ordered only four days before and he's been waiting eight.......ohhh the injustice of it all. l've also bought a new/old bedhead off ebay so lets hope the helmet arrives before THAT does... haha!!

l've been sewing again this week for me it's relaxing, though with all these ruffles l should be comatose... ha!
Not sure what to call it exactly......just a throw of some sort which was whipped up from a vintage floral sheet. It pretties up the bed...

or the couch.  ...

...or maybe even the table.

Ok... so it's prob'ly not that practical on the table, but it was fun messing around setting things up.

I'm not a big Christmas decorator, usually just the tree and a table centrepiece with choccies/ lollies.
This year l've done a tray....l took the choccies out 'cos they didn't match (for the pic).

A couple of vintage buys which l found a couple of weeks ago.
What l think is a 50's dance frock. l've added a velvet sash and brooch. Isn't the colour pretty...Cost $10.00 which l thought was good price, the opshop lady said they were trying to clear out old stock to make way for the new........ in the New Year.

This Barbie was lying face down on the floor in one of the church opshops....normally l'd walk right by but the old fabric of her dress caught my eye....when l picked her up and  turned her over l was amazed to see that she is a 1963/4 bubblecut Barbie, (though her hair's more bowl cut than bubble..ha!) she still has her original shoes, and had the nonsense pricetag of $1.00.

l'd love to find something like this to use as a dressing via pinterest.

Pretty bedroom from countryliving. via pinterest.

Lovin this tablescape. rachelashwell. 

This is one of the Christmas window displays at bergdorfgoodman  in New York 2011.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week, thanks for stopping by.

Til next time,


  1. Bron your new ruffle throw is gorgeous... I love the floral and all those ruffles... oh gosh!
    Your vintage blue dress is such a lovely blue and I'm so glad you rescued the barbie!
    p.s. I really love the ruffles on the table!
    Thanks for sharing such lovely things.

  2. Hi Bron, I finally made it over! Been so busy at work that I am way too tired to type at night...I know play the tiny violin.haha

    Love love love the ruffles throw, so pretty. ANd i love your christmas platter. I spy a cloudy lemonade from Aldi..I bought 3 bottle of pink lemonade for Christmas, I was sooo excited!

    What a fantastic find for your Barbie collection, and to have her original shoes that is amazing. I should send a photo of my blonde swimsuit 1960's barbie.

    Oh, and could you believe that I found the biggest cut peony roses at Woolies, I had to buy them of course. They are as big as a bread plate.

    Love the dress, I never find any vintage clothes here, maybe it's because I never look. haha

    Wishing you a fantastic rest of the week, Tam x

  3. Thanks so much for the much appreciated compliments about the ruffle throw Shel and Tam.

    Tam l'm so glad you found the pink lemonade bottles at Aldi's they're so nice aren't they.
    The peonies from Woolies sound amazing, l never see any to buy around absolutely had to buy them who could resist, l would love to see a pic of your swimsuit Barbie, don't work too hard now, at least you'll get a bit of a break over Christmas.

  4. Yay Bron! I just read that you won the book from the Paris Apartment! Two of my favorite blogs and bloggers--you and Claudia!!! I am just so happy for you! And, as always, love your posts!!! Hope your Christmas season continues to be bright! xo