Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Afternoon Tea Time.

Another weekend over....they sure do fly by fast don't they... Last Friday Mum and l met her Sister and daughter (my cousin) at the train station, for a rare chance to spend the afternoon together.....anyway they are big into vintage like us, so first stop was the oppie, they were so excited to get some great bargain clothing. We then headed to Mums' where we sat under the wisteria to enjoy our cuppa's... but it was teeming with bees, Mum was like... ohh they won't hurt you, but WE weren't convinced and made a quick exit. l think we each enjoyed the chance to revisit old memories and were all a bit sad the afternoon had to end.

FINALLY yesterday l finished the petticoat tablecloth that l made from a queen size bed sheet, (it's been about 3 weeks in the making) though if l was to do another one l'd use a queen valance instead as it would have been great to have a little more fabric. l've left the edges of the ruffles unsewn which will hopefully fray a little as it's washed and worn.

Pink tin tray and glassware with pink lemonade.

New seasons roses and blooms from the snowball tree that hangs over the fence from my neighbors.
l did'NT make the cupcakes (l wish) but arn't they gorgeous....zsazsabellagio via pinterest.


Cardboard storage box with unusual button closure and a selection of vintage cologne bottles.

Thought you might like to see a pic of Mums wisteria.... where the bees were abuzzing.
Old blue bottles are hung in old mattress springs.

She found this beautiful watercolour print card (prob'ly 30's) at the market on Sunday and kindly let me take a photo to share.

Wonder what the tablecloth's made from....pretty, hey...vintagerosegarden via pinterest.

Outdoor chandeliers...and lots of 'em. beimbued via pinterest.

Here l was thinkin' my weeping cherry was pretty...via pinterest.

Thanks for looking, have a great rest of your week.
Til next time.



  1. Hi Bron, its lovely to share your vintage passion with family, I'm lucky that we all love it too.

    The table cloth is fantastic, I would not have the patience, or the table for that matter as we moved our out. The pink lemonade looks so pretty. I can never find pretty bottles like that here, and the tray and glasses are gorgeous. The cupcakes are a work of art, they would be too pretty to eat.

    How gorgeous is your mums wisteria, and the bottles in the bed springs are so pretty and unexpected. I'd love to see more of your mums stuff.

    Have a great week, Tam

    p..s love the new/old throw in the last post, it was meant to be!

  2. That tablecloth is so clever and looks beautiful. Love all your pretty decorations. Lovely choice of photos. M x

  3. What a beautiful post! I absolutely love all your photos and pics bron. You've made the tablecloth with ruffles, how adorable, you are so clever!
    I love the pink lemonade bottle and the styling is really lovely.
    The wisteria photos are wonderful, love the colour with the blue bottles.
    My god... the aqua tablesetting is truly... amazing.
    I really enjoyed this post bron... a feast for the eyes.
    p.s. The aqua and pink cupcakes, I was really, really hoping you had baked them cause, I really, really want to eat one....divine!

  4. Thanks heaps for the lovely tablecloth comments, l wish you could all come for afternoon tea so we could drink pink lemonade and eat cupcakes.haha!!

    Tam- Check out Aldis for the pink lemonade bottles around Christmas time...You must be psychic re: Mums' l am waiting for her to finish upolstering the lounge suite (not much to do) and then we're doing a revisit. l've already taken some pics...things have progressed since l last blogged about it.

    V.Jane- Glad you enjoyed the pics, gotta love pinterest.

    Shel, You know l can't cook...but surely they could be bought somewhere.

  5. Once again my heart is fluttering joyfully with love for all your images! I ESPECIALLY love your mum's wisteria with the blue bottles in the old mattress springs! How fascinating!

  6. I love ruffles , beautiful tablecloth !