Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dining Room.

Over the past couple of weeks l've been working on a new look for our dining room. This area has been bugging me for ages, mostly 'cos of the different coloured timber stains of the furniture in there. The dresser shown below (right) is very yellow compared to the table and chairs and all of them are different from the skirting and architrave stain.

The boards that the dresser's made from are recycled and over a hundred years old (so it was said when we bought it) ...and it just seemed wrong to paint it. Once it was decided to swap it with a dresser from another room the plan fell into place, this one was already white so it was no big deal to give it a fresh lick of paint.

The chair coverings were scruffy and outdated so they also needed a change. After searching through every piece of vintage fabric l have, nothing was large enough that matched right, so it was off to Spotlight where l found these lovely Frenchy panels. Though there's only 6 chairs... l bought 12 panels, as each one needed to be cut larger...the chairs flare wide at the front so a single panel wouldn't have fitted.

The table and chairs were painted a warm white, but as you can see l've left the table top as it was.....The easy care top is practical and adds a bit of warmth to the room. Pretty bird pictures were added to each side of the dresser, the distressed frames go well with the wood carving on the chairs which l've deliberately left with some timber showing through.

It took a couple of tries to get the paint colour for the dresser right.... but eventually l settled on a pinky mauve which l'm happy with....My Sister supplied the perfectly matching lilac.
After a fair amount of fiddling around, l settled on pink and clear glass to display, keeping things light and simple.

Closeup of the glass display.

This very lovely kitchen... via pinterest.

Display cabinet is from gypsypurplehome. via pinterest.

Spring, florally room  strawberryshortcakexo also via pinterest.

 Simple rustic bench display. via pinterest.

Enjoy what's left of this week, holidays are half over already.
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  1. Hi Bron, I am loving your new makeover. The fabric on the chairs is so pretty. I might have to have a look in spotlight tomorrow. You are always on the go, you never seize to amaze me with what you get accomplished.

    Thanks for the welcome home. Unfortunately I can't delegate to the new started, I have to delegate to my boss, even though he didn't do much while I was away and gave me another 8 jobs that he couldn't get done too. Oh well. At least I have finished for the week and we have another long weekend this Monday.

    talk soon, Tam

  2. Hi Bron, I am so sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Now I remember why I love your blog (and your taste and talent)! How absolutely lovely is your dining room? OMG, I had to use that expression! So beautiful! I LOVE it!

  3. Thanks for the kind and encouraging comment Tam, and hope you get to kick back and enjoy your long weekend. It sounds as though your boss had trouble getting things done without you...l hope your newstart is working out ok. Re; getting stuff's just cos the kids moved out and the cockatiel died (time waster THAT one) won't believe how much free time you'll have when your kids get a bit older.

  4. Thanks for dropping by again Shelly and for your lovely comment, l'm so glad you like the new look. Hope all is well with you and yours.