Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pastels and Brights

Well we've done it !!!  with a week off work we've had almost enough time to sort,organise and cart nearly everything from here to the new digs, (the big stuff is on it's way as l write) and all is coming along well. We started on some of the painting but ran out of  time to finish and share the first makeover.  Most of the cupboards are contacted in "lovely" 70's daisies, so an update is also well on the way .... using 2011 marbled contact.. hehe!! 


Strangely for Winter the sun was streaming through the kitchen window so took some pics to share with you.

This week's post was inspired by a "dishes in the sink pic" l found on a Selina Lake post ( link on my sidebar), so when l spotted this gorgeous vintage plastic dish in an opshop earlier in the week l  knew it'd be perfect for something similar.

Many years ago l spotted a pic in a magazine of a kitchen dresser filled with all shades of plain pastel china, which looked stunning and inspired me to collect some pieces for my own little display. l don't quite have enough bowls YET!! but maybe by Spring.  l've only shown the pink, blue and green cos even though l also have lemon the colour clashed with the dish. 

This pretty hand vase was a lucky dollar find at the opshop.

Right. crochethealingandraymond via pinterest. Would love to knit something like that!!
Left. This Japanese jug which is probably 60's, is one of two l have but was most likely one of a trio.

Lots of lovely patterns.
amybutlerdesign via pinterest.

Spring - Umbrian Hill via pinterest.

Feelgood pic of the day. Cute much.....pinterest.

Enjoy your weekend, here's hoping for some shining of the sun.

Til next time.


  1. Wow, you guys have been busy. Can't wait to see the contact :)

    The sun is out today too..its feeling a little like Spring is coming.

    Enjoy your weekend, T

  2. How refreshing to see your lovely photos Bron with the gorgeous pastels and brights. I love the sunlight in the photos... a reminder of spring.
    The birds... don't you just love birds!

  3. Oh, I love the collection of pastel dishes! The collection of patterns is simple crazy fun! But, my heart came out of my chest at the photo of the hugging/nestling birds! Oh so sweet!